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The app DSP-CONTROL allows you to adjust the MEGA-DSP, DSM-26LAN, DSM-48LAN, STA-1000DSP and DSP-26 speaker systems directly via iPad.

With this user-friendly app, it is possible to activate presets and make individual adjustments. You can use all the features normally provided by the PC software. Thus, it is possible to adjust 10 equalizers with 8 filter functions, delay, limiter, gain and low cut.

With the control software, the following parameters can be adjusted:

• Activating and storing presets
• 10 equalizers for each channel with the filter functions: bell, notch, all-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf, band-pass, high-pass, low-pass
• Delay
• Limiter
• Gain control for each input
• Master volume
• Low cut filter

This app has been optimised for the iPad.