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Krüger mobileWM – an app for Field Operators.

The mobileWM is designed for field operators working for Public Utility Services such as a Water Supply or a Wastewater Treatment.

The mobileWM version 1 covers features for field operation of water supply systems and only on iPhone.
With the mobileWM every Field Operator can easily submit observations to the Water Manager System at the Operations Headquarters. The Water Manager System displays all incoming events in real time and gives the Operations Manager a sublime overview of all events and thereby the potential challenges to water safety.
With the mobileWM and the Water Manager System you have a powerful tool to ensure the safety of drinking water: Observe-Submit-Analyze-Act-Record-Review-Learn.
The mobileWM is the mobile application of Krüger’s software suite the STAR Utility Solution.

Key features:
• The mobileWM is an innovative tool for operating water supply systems even more safely.
• Every Field Operator can easily submit observations and events with only little interruption in his work – no paperwork only easy finger tipping on his smartphone.
• All type of events from all the employees and partners working in the field can be submitted into the Water Manager System creating a most detailed map of events and challenges all in real time.
• Events are submitted in real time into the Water Manger System creating an instant overview of all known risks to the drinking water.
• All events are submitted with GPS location
• The type of events covered by this app version are:
• Observation – submit note and photo of the unusual event.
• Sample – submit location description, sample ID, note and photo when taking a water sample.
• Analysis – submit value reading of a taken measurement – supporting the workflow for the Tecta Microbial Instrument.
• Valve – submit location description, valve ID, operation open or close, note and photo
• Pipe break – submit location description, note and photo
• Hydrant - submit location description, hydrant ID, operation open or close, note and photo
• Check-in – show your position in the Water Manager System.
• Map – read the Water Manager System website.
• Info – software version, Krüger contact info and Application-ID
• mobileWM can read QR codes identifying place, sample ID, valve ID and hydrant ID
• “Latest” shows you the list of sent and unsent messages. Touch a message and see the details. Unsent messages may be retransmitted when you again have network coverage by tapping “Send”. Any message may be “Deleted”.
• Select your language to Danish, Swedish or English

Download your app, submit your observations and watch them on
The mobileWM is free to download and free to use.
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