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Cool Alarm Retro - Free

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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Pretty cool app. It gets me awake, that's for sure!” ~ Tom

“Very loud! Just what I needed.” ~Gerald

Cool Alarm Clock keeps you from oversleeping.

Have you ever missed an appointment because you slept through your alarm? Have you have turned it off in your sleep and had to reschedule an early morning appointment?

Cool Alarm Clock is to normal alarm clocks what Mount Everest is to a molehill. When you absolutely positively have to get out of bed at a certain time, you need the most annoying and abrasive sounds known to man (or woman).

You choose a loud, obnoxious noise, such as, Angry Cat or Chalkboard Fingernails, then set your day and time. Be sure to turn your device's sound to ON, and turn the volume all the way UP! The app even has a pop-up to remind you to do this. Then, simply put your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to sleep by pressing the button no the top.

It's that easy.

You can rest assured (literally) that you'll be on time for that final exam or business flight because Cool Alarm Clock will send you 5 timed alerts, a minute apart. Just to warn you, there is no "Snooze" button! We can't guarantee that you'll get restful sleep, but you WILL get out of bed.

Even if you just need a simple daily signal or a safe, timed plan to keep dinner from getting charred, Cool Alarm Clock is the key. Here's what you get:

- Simplicity – Listen to the loud sounds, choose one, and set the alarm.
- Easy Sorting – Star your favorite sounds or arrange alphabetically.
- Cool Retrto Design – Check out the screenshots below.
- Obnoxious Sounds – The air horn WILL wake you up!
- Great Extras – Get full access to all the crazy sounds.

Nobody wants to be the idiot who sleeps through college graduation. Download Cool Alarm Clock right now, and notify your friends that you will now be on time for your life!