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Appreciation of Famous Chinese Paintings

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There are numerous famous paintings through the history of China. They are meaningful and invaluable, such as the “Riverside Scene on Tomb Sweeping Festival”, “A Hundred Horses” and so on. They record the rise and fall of each dynasty.
We would like to take them as our personal collections at the thought of their priceless..
The ancient Chinese painting art enjoy a long history and unique style. According to the development of Chinese painting history and the order of dynasties, we select some splendid painting works of each historical period and dig plenty of interesting stories behind them. This app displays the artistic achievements and features of Chinese paintings in every era.
With the description of material, size and legend, these famous paintings come in our eyes with the same effect as in art gallery. Hurry to come with us appreciating the famous paintings and learning Chinese art and history.

【Characteristics of the app】

Hundreds of pictures of precious paintings
Great paintings by masters
Three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I bought this as a gift for my mom who loves ancient Chinese paintings a lot. She is satisfied with this app.
--- Monet
It is awesome that this app looks like an exhibition of famous Chinese paintings!
--- Renoir
The figure paintings painted by Tang Yin is amazing, they represent a giant progress in Chinese painting history.
--- Olive

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