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Billy Possum's Interactive Comprehension

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Created as part of a PhD research project, The Adventures of Billy Possum is a beautifully illustrated children's story adapted from the book ‘The Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum’. Throughout each of the 25 chapters, emphasis is placed on ‘making meaning’ at the sentence and text level achieved through the practice of strategies supporting understanding of literal and inferential meanings, prediction, visualisation, and sequencing. Embedded strategies are drawn from evidence based research shown to improve comprehension. The functionality of the software scaffolds this process through hints/clues and provides the student with immediate feedback. Software also includes audio and dictionary functions to support less able readers. The app has a user reporting function that can be switched on through settings to enable the capture of data concerning the user's correct and incorrect responses to the embedded strategies. This can inform educators on specific areas of weakness within comprehension. The reporting function and export data function can be enabled at any time through settings (see specific instructions below in 'notes'). Data will be emailed to the specified address which includes reported errors, the number of times that hints were required, a full selection of all the picture boards completed. These picture boards can be used by teachers or parents as a way for children to re-tell the story in sequence in their own words as an additional learning tool.

External Reviews

"This is one of the most comprehensive and well thought out apps to hit the app store yet!"

"Billy Possum’s Interactive Comprehension is among the best reading I have seen in the
marketplace with an unusual focus on vital higher-level comprehension skills and even
opportunities to visualize scenes from the story."

"I would definitely recommend this app to any child who struggles with comprehension, and/or
reading. I would also recommend it to a child who loves to read because the story is very
charming and fun. This app is offers varied skill building activities. While this app is best
suited for children between the ages of 9 to 11, I do believe children a little younger and a little
older would also love this app, especially for the illustrations and great characters."

Are there adds in the app? No
Are there links that lead outside the app? No
Are there in-app purchases? No
Does the app collect data on behalf of the developer or 3rd party? No
Can the app be used without internet? Yes

Privacy policy URL

Teaching/parental notes:

Data reporting is enabled on by;
1. selecting 'settings' on the iPad
2. selecting the app icon
3. activating 'export enabled'.

Data can then be emailed to the user's own email address through the app by;
4. selecting the 'user' icon on the main screen
5. selecting 'results'
6. choosing either 'all users' or 'current user'
An email screen will appear that allows the user to enter the chosen email destination.