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CAM-ICU mobile phone APP introduction delirium assessment:
To find the monitoring of delirium, need to use effective assessment screening tool. The 2013 guidelines recommend the use of CAM-ICU and ICDSC two kinds of assessment to monitor the screening of delirium, especially CAM-ICU, in the new guidelines issued ago with technology and teaching materials for mature, so the fast and convenient. Although guidelines recommend effective tools, but clinicians for compliance guidelines are still low. But through the investigation discovery, the clinical assessment tools by nurses perform operation. But the domestic nurse: proportion of patients with low, nurse daily busy work, unable to find extra time alone is evaluated with respect to delirium, and daily nurses to file a huge number, if additional assessment project paper, to them is tantamount to one disaster after another. And now, mobile phone intelligent terminal is becoming more and more powerful, but also have a role to play in all areas of life, and the domestic and foreign clinical use intelligent terminal data processing has It is often seen. nurses, in order to facilitate the carrying and operation, plans to develop CAM-ICU mobile phone APP applications to facilitate assessment clinician daily monitoring of delirium.
Committee of experts on severe heart Chinese Physicians Association by reviewing the domestic and foreign research found that delirium and the harm of high incidence rate, especially for the patients after cardiac surgery, the incidence rate is high. But clinicians lack of effective assessment tool to detect delirium to adopt corresponding treatment measures, so in order to detect delirium, enhance the clinician treatment measures, improve the survival rate and life quality of the patients, the Committee of experts of severe heart Chinese Physicians Association decided in theory according to the existing, developing a clinical medical staff to facilitate timely assessment APP found that mobile phone application of delirium. Combining with the core of 2013 guidelines recommendations, analgesia and sedation first, the technical requirements of CAM-ICU delirium assessment before sedation assessment, so will the clinical analgesic, sedative and delirium in the combination of the three only, constitute the main function of this software application.
Mobile phone APP application this CAM-ICU delirium assessment sponsored by the Committee of experts of severe heart Chinese Physician Association, sponsored by Jiangsu Xinchen Pharmaceutical Co. ltd.. Provide technical guidance and support of cardiac intensive expert committee, and chairman of the Institute of medicine by authorized to undertake the production of brilliance. In order to apply this software spread, cover software to learn nominal production, thereby get clinicians recognition, the use of the crowd can spread faster. Clinical evaluation of monitoring work hope this software can facilitate the clinicians, timely find the clinical improvement in patients with postoperative delirium in patients, the short-term and long-term clinical outcome.
Evaluation of operation and medication, the doctor personal records 1.
2, according to hospital choice of classification to get the whole hospital records.
3, for the same patients, assessed at baseline data before the entry of the individual patient first, after the assessment of direct patient selection number, process and record the patients before all the results of the assessment and medication, convenient access to timely control and evaluation.
4, automatic evaluation of patients with delirium.
5, reasonable medication