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MyGlobalMath contain 3 educational games where kids explore the concepts behind numbers: cardinals, numerals, coordinates, pattern and shapes.

The menu can be used as a playful distraction when the kids discover the various sounds that can be used to play a tune. It is a game in itself to figure out how to launch the separate

MyGlobalMath contains no multiple choice or exercises, but rather a playful discovery based environment, where the AHA moment is the reward.

In this first edition, the abacus can be used as a learning tool for numbers 1-100 in 4 different languages (English, Spanish, French and Danish). The Abacus contain assisted counting to 100, assisted adding 1- 20, assisted subtraction 1-20. The Abacus is a great homework tool especially for dual language household.

The BalanceBoard will practice placements of numbers in a 10X10 grid. The kids place rolling balls by tilting the iPad into their correct position in a 10X10 grid to display shapes like line, square, rectangle, Triangle Trapeze.
The BalanceBoard feels like a game to the kids and they keep going until they get it right!

In the FlippingNumbers game the numbers 1-9 will be flipped into a 3X3 grid or the numbers 1-16 placed into a 4X4 grid.

By buying this app you are helping further development of MyGlobalMath including creating a math sharing global social network.