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31 Meditation Brainwave Sound

iPhone / iPad
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31 Meditation Brainwave Sound

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Brainwave Frequencies & Meditation

In the 1940s researchers discovered that brainwave activity tends to mirror flickering light, particularly in the alpha and theta frequencies. This effect has become known as the frequency-following effect.

More recently, sound has been shown to produce similar results, particularly pulsed sound and binaural beats. This last effect, binaural, results when one ear hears a pure tone of a slightly differing pitch than the other ear. The brain then actually synthesizes the difference between the two and then falls into step with this pleasant, gently pulsing rhythm.

This App contains 31 sound tracks, each combining specific sets of frequencies to automatically lead brainwave activity into alpha and theta states making them particularly effective tools for relaxation and meditation. For detailed track information please refer to the screen capture.


This application has the following features:

* "Play All" mode, "Loop 1 Track" mode & "Shuffle" mode
* In "Play All" mode, tracks are played one after another until the user presses the "pause" button
* In "Loop 1 Track" mode, the current track will be looped indefinitely
* In "Shuffle" mode, a random track will be selected when the previous track is done playing
* "Play All" and "Loop 1 Page" mode support both headphones and speakers
* User can turn off the screen while listening to the tracks to conserve battery. Audio will continue.
* User can use the native volume control buttons after switching to another App
* Users can select the a timer to turn of the App after certain time. This is ideal for people who wishes to use the App to get into sleep
* Works with most iPhone/iPad docks
* OFFLINE playing

The application is optimized for iPad/iPad2/The New iPad/iPad mini, iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C & iPod Touch.

This application is brought to you by Colakey LLC.