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Sheetcalc-HD for iPad Spreadsheet style calculator

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Sheetcalc HD for iPad Spreadsheet style calculator

SheetCalc is a completely new type of spreadsheet calculator application.

SheetCalc Spreadsheet application that elementary school students could use.

SheetCalc. Not write a formula in the cell.
Put a operator symbol (+ - × ÷ =) between the cells.
The calculation is carried out to the top-down, left-right.
"=" No formula, the value is transferred to the top-down, left-right.

For the calculation, SheetCalc will behave like a typical Desk calculator.

Recalculated immediately.

File save as spreadsheet application.
The output CSV file that can be read by Excel.
Evernote linkage function export, import.

SheetCalc is a spreadsheet calculator that is optimized for TABLET.

New feature : Tax calculation.

Currency conversion calculations :39 currency
United States Dollar / British Pound / Indian Rupee / Euro / Indonesian Rupiah / Ecuador Sucre / Egyptian Pound / Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar / South Korean Won / Kuwaiti Dinar / Colombian Peso / Saudi Arabian Riyal / Singapore Dollar / Swiss Franc / Swedish Krona / Thai Baht / Taiwan Dollar / Chinese Yuan / Chilean Peso / Danish Krone / Turkish Lira / Japanese Yen / New Zealand Dollar / Norwegian Krone / Paraguayan Guarani / Philippine Peso / Brazilian Real / Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte / Peruvian Nuevo Sol / Hong Kong Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit / South African Rand / Mexican Peso / UAE Dirham / Jordanian Dinar / Romanian New Leu / Lebanese Pound / Russian Rouble

SheetCalc spreadsheet style calculator
Spreadsheet application that can be used easily
Recalculated immediately
Tax calculation
Currency conversion
File save as spreadsheet application

Evernote linkage function export, import

Limitations of V2.0
It is not possible to enter directly into the cell characters.
You can paste a short text via the clipboard from other applications.
Only use in a vertical position.
The scaling of the screen, Please operate slowly reaction is slow on some machines in your environment.