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The RaceCloud App is part of the three component Live Telemetry for Go Karting.

Go karting drivers, race engineers, mechanics and fans are empowered with the latest technology for live monitoring of the driver and kart’s performance on the racing track.

The App is designed to work only with the Live Telemetry Hardware (Go Kart BUNDLE) and subscription to Cloud services (free trial available). Check for details. You can check the built-in Demo, showing all the Analysis and Live features from the standard subscription level.

Save time on the track - the session data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and available on your iPad immediately. No need for the traditional memory sticks, no more running around with a laptop.


--Cloud Storage--

• Session Data Securely Stored in the Cloud

--Access to Race Tracks database--

• More than 1800 Pre-Defined Tracks and more added every day

--Live Telemetry--

• Real time data stream from your RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle
• Lap and Split times
• Analogue & digital readings for RPM and engine temperature
• Precise racing line
• Exact kart geo positioning on track
• Sector markings on track
• Lateral G-force
• Steering wheel angle
• Lap times histogram
• Switch from everywhere in the application - just rotate to portrait

--Analysis Mode--

• Easiest tool to analyse your racing data
• View sensor readings for each spot on the track
• Compare sensor data and racing line from two laps or sessions
• Time vs Time analysis to identify where you can go faster
• Compare by position or by time
• Compare to compare any two sensors - Speed, RPM, Engine Temperature, ...

--Session Overview--

• Histogram showing lap/sector times and differences plus min/max readings of RPM and temperature
• RPM analysis to help with gear ratio adjustments
• Engine temperature analysis
• Steering wheel angle analysis
• Theoretical Best Lap
• Race Setup history
• Weather conditions (temperature and pressure) as recorded by the RaceCloud Go Kart Weather Station in the session

--Kart Setup--

• Define your kart equipment.
• Input all settings of your kart components.
• Manage up to four engines per chassis.

--Race Setup--

• Input the changes you make to the kart for every session
• View recorded sessions race setups so you can recall the optimal settings
• Input chassis settings, engine settings, tyre pressure and so on
• Get carburettor jetting suggestions, based on the current RaceCloud Go Kart Weather Station readings

--Academy features--
(requires Academy subscription)

• Co-Driver mode - Just put all the brake/turn in/transition/acceleration points in the iOS app that you want your driver to follow. They will be indicated for every point on the track by the RaceCloud Bundle Display while driving. Fastest way to achieving the perfect racing line!

• Maintenance Timers - You will be notified every time there's something to check (lubricate the chain, change your engine's piston, etc,). Just use the pre-defined default timers or even input your own. The RaceCloud Bundle will automatically calculate the real usage of the kart and engine by tracking the sessions and racing hours.

• Advanced Analysis - G-Force, Steering Wheel Angle, Break and Turn-in points have never been easier to read. Plotted over the driving line for a revolutionary approach to fast and easy understanding of the information. No more scrolling charts - quick glance and you will know if the driver is breaking too early, cornering too late, oversteering, understeering or if the kart setup needs improvement.

--Team features--
(requires Team subscriptions)

Pair multiple Go Kart Bundles to your team and compare sessions between the drivers. Track the maintenance of all your karts. Easy switch karts directly from the live telemetry screen with a simple swipe. All that from a single account!