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TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition 1

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TouchMath Jungle Addition isn't just another math game app, it's an award-winning math curriculum used by schools for 40 years. There are 7 complete chapters of interactive skill practice, followed by an engaging adventure-themed storyline that reinforces those skills with additional reward levels. With a unique multisensory touching and counting approach, addition becomes fun, accessible and appealing for children of all ability levels and learning styles, including autistic and special needs.
** Winner of 2015 Parents' Choice Recommended Award **
** Winner of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Fall 2015 **
** Winner of 2015 W3 Silver Award for Educational Apps from The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts **

** "This is “the app” that helped my son master the fundamentals of addition. It provided a comprehensive look at math and he used the app all year long. It is well worth the purchase price! It finally turned him on to math!"
** "This app made a difference where his teacher and I could not!"
** "In less than a week [my child] mastered addition using the app!"
** "This app is a great value! My students love it!!"
** "This is the best program available to make sure all children understand basic math."
** "I couldn't believe what a difference it made for [my child] almost immediately!"

** Touching/Counting Patterns
** Counting to 20
** Number Sequencing to 20
** Beginning Addition with Objects 1 through 4 with Sums to 9
** Beginning Addition with Object TouchPoints Sums to 18
** Beginning Addition with TouchPoints Sums to 18
** Greater Than/Less Than to 20
** Addition with Counting On with TouchPoints

When it comes to mathematics, it can be a jungle out there. But we know you’re up for the challenge. With TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition Part 1, you will traverse through seven lush and wild levels, earning rewards and gaining math fluency along the way.

Whether you’re navigating rapid rivers, maneuvering through dangerous cave-ins, crossing rickety bridges, or scaling cliff walls, one thing is certain –– learning addition skills has never been this extraordinary. With each level complete and new addition skills attained, you’ll add reward achievements to your collection that build up to your final Jungle Addition adventure.

Mastering critical math concepts becomes easier and more meaningful for students using TouchMath because all basic operations are based on counting. With addition, students count forward — and no matter their age or skill level, will be able to correctly add problems as high as they can count. With TouchPoints guiding students through the addition steps, students quickly see the connection between the numeral and its value, and guesswork is completely eliminated.

The one-of-a-kind TouchPoint system provides the base for the TouchMath Program –– the ONLY math program that uses the actual numeral as a manipulative. Each numeral from 1 through 9 has TouchPoints corresponding to the digit's value.

** Offers curriculum built on the Common Core State Standards; as well as supplemental materials for intervention and remediation.
** Provides a blended solution of print, technology, and classroom aids/manipulatives
** Offers complete instructional core programs for pre-K through 2nd grade; and supplemental kits for upper grades.