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Non-ordinary game for non-ordinary people.

AppPicker review:
Features incredibly unique content and a game premise
The app offers high-tech looking graphics and sound effects
The game is very engaging and entertaining

This one can be a bit difficult to grasp but you'll want to stick with it"

Created on -271 degrees Celsius by wizards and zombie scientists. Creates collider on your ipad. Open parallel universe portal on ipad window. Dark matter required. May ask for palladium. Generates energy from your touches. Situation monitoring required. Generates black holes in some cases (absolutely safety). Tested on 11.6 GeV. Supports singular points creation methods. Parallel universe monsters transporter enabled. Cooled by liquid helium bottles (drop from bosses sometime). May cause electron emission from your imagination (potentially unstable). High temperature of imagination required.*

System requirements:

Good imagination (must be opened for read/write with administrator privileges).

Imaginator 7.0 or higher required.

*All effects works only in imagination. Don't use in science (potentially dangerous)!