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Top Ten Unsettled Cases in Ming and Qing Dynasty

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Ming and Qing were the last two dynasties of Chinese Feudal Society. Many sensational and complicated cases happened in Ming and Qing. The inconceivable truths always contain the ugly side of human nature.
What caused these cases? Emotional entanglements or generational hatreds?
Who did these cases? The wronged ghosts or the one who has a skeleton in the closet?
The history leaves us nothing but the mysterious unsolved questions? Where are the answers?
So many people are obsessed with these cases. They insisted to find answers to those cases even though they failed. We are surprised at the mysterious history and the mysterious ancients.
This app selects 11 famous sensational cases happened in Ming and Qing dynasty. We analyze these cases from total different aspects in popular style, thus making you review the Chinese history when you are reading these historical cases.
This app will bring you to the historical cases and other incredible secrets.

【Characteristics of the app】

Low pricing with high value
Fully updated knowledge
Thorough explanation
Interesting suspense cases and attractive plots
Latest interactive reading experience

【Customer reviews】

With abundant historical knowledge and interesting contents, this app can broaden our knowledge scope.
--- Minster
There are many secrets behind these complicated cases. Reading these stories is like exploration, I feel so excited!
--- DIDI
It is cost effective! It tells the cases with easy to understand language. Each case is attached with extensional knowledge; I can learn a lot!
--- Veronica

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“Cool reading” is our principle. We are devoted to providing readers with better and newer 4D reading materials!
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