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Prehistoric Civilization

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With the development of science and technology, human beings have the power of controlling natural forces. Walking on the moon and operating remote-controlled robots on the Mars have become true.
However, there still exist many questions unsettled even though our world has developed so rapidly.
The prehistoric civilization began at 6 million years ago when our ape-like ancestors started walking upright on two legs. How did our ancestors evolve little by little during this complicated process? What caused their evolution?
What is the origin of life?
How did people in the primitive period use tools and create artistic civilization?
You must have many questions about the history and living condition of the prehistoric human beings. This app covers many unsettled questions and science exploration about the dinosaur, human beings, animals, plants, etc. Your questions will be answered by our pictures and accompanying explanations. Following us to unveil the mysterious prehistoric civilization, and you will know the real prehistoric world.

【Characteristics of the app】

Visual enjoyment with exquisite 3D pictures
Systematical and scientific contents
Latest interactive reading experience

【Customer reviews】

The world is full of unknown and incredible things. This app can help us to know the development of human beings.
--- Vegas
I feel curious about all the world unsettled questions. With 3D effects, this app helps me to understand the prehistoric civilization better.
--- Mac.
I am alway interested in the ancient civilization. Reading this app is like a exploration across time.
--- John Whitmore

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