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Good Eyes - by Goodlife Apps

iPhone / iPad
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Good Eyes is an exclusive tool that protects and cares about your eyes. It reminds you at proper calculated intervals to rest your eyes. The time interval has been suggested by top eye doctors around the world. Various exercises are also available for those who need more relaxation.

It's exclusively available only on App Stores of all countries. It's an absolute necessary for anyone who uses a phone, tablet, computer or television. There's hardly anyone in this world who doesn't have an access to these things. Even after being so well aware about everything, we don't bother ourselves with one of the most important part of our life. Our eyes. We use phone, tablets, computers and television all the time, and if we do it continuously, it will harm your eyes. We get so much involved using these devices that we forget to take our eyes off them, even for a while. This is the reason behind Good Eyes. It will tell you exactly at right intervals to give your eyes a little break or rest. Even if it's for 5 seconds, that's your decision. This change in habit will make sure your eyes remain well forever in your life. It's the most easiest way to have some care for your eyes, so that they can stay out of harm. It is really efficient if we can use it in our daily life and make a habit out of it.

The only major HARM that can happen to our human BODY , if we use a PHONE, TABLET, COMPUTER is to our EYES. So why not take one small and easy step to correct it.

Why you should use Good Eyes?

Well, because you don't want to harm your eyes. If you can read this without any glasses, then you don't want one right?! If you already have glasses, you don't want to make it worse! That's why you need Good Eyes.


* AUTO SET REMINDERS: These reminders are set automatically to remind you at proper intervals. If you are working for 2 hours, we know when to remind you. There are many time options available. Saves your time and energy. Just a click and done.

* PERSONAL CHOICE: You can also choose your own time. Our set of personal reminders helps you do that. Quick and Simple.

* EYE SELFIE: Check our selfie section. Show the world, how important eyes are. Share a pic on social platform and make others aware about the small care that we should take of our eyes. By the way, any selfie of eyes are beautiful. Don't believe us, give a try and see the likes following on your social profile.

*EXERCISE SECTION: Once you give your eyes a break, if you want more, then go to our exercise section. We have some of the most simple and easy exercises sorted out. They are explained in simple way, so that you can follow easily.

*DONE BUTTON: The done button lets you know, which exercises you have already finished.

*MUCH MORE: You can share a line to any social profile you have. Have fun with our smileys, which changes expression based on the time of the day. It also leaves a different message from time to time. Have fun and show a little care to your eyes.