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About Eroundu:

Eroundu is a location-based application that allows you to flirt anonymously with people in your area. Create and view profiles, post messages, have public and private chats with complete anonymity. Earn points to increase your post and profile visibility and be alerted when user's whose profiles you have liked, enter into your area. Eroundu will never require any sign up or identifying information and gives users the opportunity to anonymously flirt with people nearby (1km radius of their location).

How to use Eroundu:

Post Messages:

Post anonymous messages in your location about someone you find attractive. These messages will be shown to all users who enter into that area (1km radius of where you posted). These messages will also stay with the users who were in that location when it was posted.

Profiles and Private Messages:

Create an anonymous profile so users in your location (1km radius around you) can anonymously like and send private messages to your profile.


Receive points when other users like your profile, public posts, replies, or the private messages you send. Profiles are listed in rank order according to the amount of total points a user has. Posts are listed in rank order according to how many points that individual post has received.

Liking Profiles:

If you liked another user’s profile, you will be notified when they enter into your location (1km radius around you).

Search Function:

If you want to see if someone used a specific word in a post, you can use the drop down search bar to search all the posts for that word. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to save up to 5 words so you can be notified if someone uses one of those words in your location (1km radius around you).

Guess Their Crush:

When replying to a post, use the heart with a question mark inside it to guess the user’s crush and receive 3 points instead of 1.

Deleting The App:

Deleting the app will remove your profile photo automatically and will result in you losing all the points associated with your current profile. Public or private messages you have sent may remain posted unless they are manually deleted.