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Core Chinese

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Introducing the first Chinese vocabulary app specifically designed for intermediate-to-advanced level Chinese speakers, empowering you to speak more like the Chinese do. Core Chinese is not a dictionary. It is not a beginning Chinese learning program. Core Chinese is the ultimate Chinese study tool for advanced learners.

Core Chinese enables you to learn Chinese the way that it should be learned: Pick up a few new phrases in context, go use them a couple of times till you get the hang of them, then repeat the process with a few more new phrases. Core Chinese is specifically designed to simplify this process by:
Making it ridiculously easy to proactively find what you need when you need it, and to make new vocabulary directly applicable to everyday life, meetings, and conversations
Presenting new words in a format that facilitates quick, daily review and application so that you can not only learn new words quickly, but also remember words learned previously

CORE Chinese includes thousands of the most commonly used Chinese phrases and business Chinese vocabulary, with each phrase categorized and divided into three books: Living in China, Working in China, and Conversation Gems.
Living in China: Covering all the essentials of life in China, Living in China features the most useful idioms and phrases related to Chinese history and culture, foods, travel, social life, education, health, and interpersonal relationships.
Working in China: Packing in some of the best Chinese negotiation phrases, marketing phrases, product management phrases, and people management phrases, Working in China is the most concise and useful business Chinese vocabulary resource in the market.
Conversation Gems: Designed for those who want to take their Chinese conversation abilities to the next level, Conversation Gems is full of Chinese conversational phrases, verbs, and descriptor words. Also included is a full vocabulary section on common Chinese discussion topics, including current affairs, government and politics, and philosophies.

As a bonus, the CORE Chinese app also includes:
• A powerful advanced search feature for finding and saving key words and phrases. Search for words by Chinese characters, Pinyin, or English.
• A robust Favorites section for organizing and studying the vocabulary you find most useful to you
• A list of over 400 cities in every China province and famous foods, scenic sites, and people unique to that city, allowing you to connect on a deeper level with Chinese associates by knowing more about the places they love
• A list of each key era in China history, including dynasties down to the current day People Republic of China, and key people and accomplishments from each era. To understand the Chinese people and language as they are today, we are well served to know a bit about their past.