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EZ keys

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EZ Keys makes typing easier - and faster!

Believe it or not, the six letters Q,J.V,X,K,Z make up only 2% of the keys you hit.

But they take up 23% of the keyboard space.

By putting these seldom-used letters on a second keyboard, every other key on your main keyboard becomes SIXTY-FIVE-PERCENT BIGGER!

You'll be amazed that you almost never miss them. And, instead, you find hitting all the other keys you need is easier. Mistakes are fewer. And typing is faster and less frustrating than ever before. Especially if you have motor issues or disabilities.

When you load EZ Keys, you can use it for every app that uses a keyboard.... emailing, texting, searching the web, or using writing apps like Pages.

EZ Keys also includes 49 useful phrases you can put into texting at the touch of button. And you'll also have world-class word prediction.

Typing just got easier. With EZ Keys! Wow!!