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RingABell - Share Reminders

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Music
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RingABell lets you set free reminders to your friends phone that rings off at the time specified by you and reminds the other person to complete the task.

Simply add a Reminder with a title, date, and time, and Reminder will be sent using push notification to the selected contact at the date and time you specify. Now no need to call or text others to complete the tasks. Just RingABell !

We also give you reward points for every reminder you send or receive, or when your friend installs the app through app link that you share. You can redeem these reward points for exciting free goodies!

Few features of RingABell-

- Power to set reminders in others phone.
- Power to set reminders on friends email and get desktop notifications.
- Group Reminders - You can create and save groups for sending group reminders to multiple users at once.
- Push notifications - Get instant notifications if someone accepts or declines your reminder.
- Reminder alarm - Reminder will ring in receiver's phone at the time specified by you.
- Recurring reminders - You can even set recurring or multiple alert reminders.
- Response notification - Receiver can also acknowledge completion of task by sending a response to the reminder.
- Calendar - Check your history of incoming and outgoing reminders for any date in your calendar.
- Block user - We respect your privacy. We have given you the option to block any user from sending you reminders.

How often does a mother wish to wake up his son in the morning with her voice who is studying in a distant country? How many times you text your husband to remind him to buy groceries on the way back home? Do you get irritated to text or call each of your friends to remind them to be ready for the weekend game? Or too lazy to set multiple alarms to take the medicines on time? Does it Ring a Bell to you?

Still reading? Download RING-A-BELL app now to start sending free reminders.


1. What do you need to send reminders to others?
You just need to have Ring-a-bell installed on your as well as on your friend's smartphone. Ring-a-bell app uses your phone's internet connection to send and receive reminders.

2. What if my friend doesn't have Ring a bell installed yet?
Don't worry. You can still send him a email reminder using your CONTACT -> EMAIL service right from Ring-a-bell app. The app lets you distinguish between RingAbell users and non app users. Once your friend installs Ring-a-bell, his name will automatically appear in the app users list. Your friend's phone number must be in your phone's address book in order for you to see his name in your Ring-a-bell contacts.

3. Can I send a voice/audio reminder?
Yes! You can easily send reminders in your voice. Simply tap on mic icon, record your voice and send it as a reminder. At the time specified by you, the reminder will ring off in your friend's phone in your voice!

4. How can I send reminders to multiple friends at once?
Simply create a group and add all your favorite contacts together in a group. This will let you send reminder to all the people in your group at once.

5. Can I block someone from sending me reminders?
We respect your privacy. In case you don't want any friend to send you reminders, you can simply block him.Whenever that user will try to send you any reminder in the future, he will not be able to and will be notified that receiver has blocked him from sending reminder. You can anytime go and unblock that user again.

Download RingABell now to send reminders to your friends and never forget a task again!