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SlamEZ an app to share slambook online with your facebook friends.

Now no need to carry dairy all the time.

You can send slam book to your facebook friend if he is also using the SlamEZ app, so if your friend is not using SlamEZ then send invitation to join SlamEZ.

“True friends are rare and memories don’t fade, and to cherish the memories, this app is A grade”.

You can send the selected and suitable questions without any issue or botheration about personal endeavours. This slam book will be like fruits of friendship and the music and humor in the air, rejuvenating your mind with those never fading memories, which bring a smile on your face and hope and love in your heart

Before using app please check its cool features at

10 Reasons why to download SlamEZ

1. Send books to friends rather than asking them to fill book on your own phone by passing it to friend.
2. A collection of cool books with interesting question.
3. Print your books.
4. Share secrets with your besties by SlamEZ.
5. You can now share their experiences, knowledge, views and much more using SlamEZ.
6. Around 20 books.
7. Custom and different font for each book.
8. Different font colors for each book.
9. Chat style of question answers.
10. Different background and cover of each book.

As many of us have an access to our smart phones, there is an application which has handy features which can explore the true opinion and feelings of your friends without offending them. This application has relevant and suitable features which are flexible and can enhance the compatibility among friends.

What our user says about SlamEZ

1) ****awesome ********** 5 Star
by Nikos ro - Version - 1.0 - Nov 13, 2014

Awesome means Awesome. I have thrown my physical slam book and added all in SlamEZ. Hey if i request to add some question in a new book then it be possible????? Please

2) Amazing app 4 Star
by Par tyagi - Version - 1.0 - Nov 12, 2014

What a cool idea, sharing slam book is so easy with this app. Very nice books with so many questions

3) ...................Great app................... 5 Star
by Augiestar - Version - 1.0 - Nov 15, 2014

It is a great app for my iPhone. Thanks the great developer.

4) !!Everthing is good!! 5 Star
by Archie191 - Version - 1.0 - Nov 15, 2014

I think that this app everything is good so everyone should download this app soon.

5) Great app.. 5 Star
by markue4 - Version - 1.0 - Nov 12, 2014

It is a great app for my iPad.many thanks this app creator.

many more comments

To know how SlamEZ works check app's video at below link

Please don't forgot to write review for SlamEZ. We will try to improve SlamEZ more as per your reviews. So keep on rating and writing reviews.