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Poetry of the Tang Dynasty in Pictures

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Do the poetry and songs have the same rhyme?
What else does the ancient poem mean except for the poetry?
What story does each poem contains?
Poetry is one part of the profound Chinese culture, and the poetry of the Tang Dynasty takes the most important position in history; it represents the highest level of our ancient poetry.

This app is based on the 300 Poetry of the Tang Dynasty compiled by Sun Zhu; it has well organized background composing and clear notice for the poetry, thus helping you to know the meaning as soon as possible.
Except for the original poetry, this app also is supplemented with notice, analysis, poet introduction, etc. It explains the poetry from nearly all perspective like the writing background and others.
With the 200 carefully selected pictures related to the poetry, this app will help you read with relax and improve your imagination and aesthetic level.

【Characteristics of the app】

300 carefully selected poem
200 exquisite pictures
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

I downloaded this app specifically for my daughter. Wish it can help her to learn Chinese better.
--- Neill
I love the ancient poetry. I think they are really really beautiful.
--- Lexis
I like the exquisite background composing. It is full of artistic elements. I feel like going back to that ancient time.
--- Hindu

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