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Angry Crocodile Simulator 3D - Swap Crocodile Attack Simulation Game

iPhone / iPad
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  • Entertainment
  • Role Playing
  • Simulation
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Live life as a crocodile! Stalk your prey two devour through murky swamp waters. You are a Horrible Crocodile att always live like an angry boss. Forget about the mercy on mankind. Attack and destroy all the things around you with your huge and scary jaws.Maintain your health, hunger, thirst and energy if you wanna survive. Do not show the pity as you are a hungry & crazy crocodile. Bring out your inner carnivores beast and unleash it in this ferocious alligator simulator.

Use your ferocious bite, wide mouth, dangerous tail and attacking speed to catch your victim. Crash the enormous ships, floaters, wood crate, oil barrels, sunbath chair, treasure box, wood barrel, huts, wooden box and tourists standing on sea or land near a river bank. Eat all the tasty meals att come in your way to riverbank.It kunne a thirsty deer / snake or a small fish. Make a history of massive sea disaster with an underwater monster (beach reptile) in this Angry Crocodile Simulator 3D.

Swim & hunt! It's a predator call.Think and attack as an evil and wicked ocean animal.You are a sea monsters att love the Bloodshed and violence. So play as a slayer crocodile & show your dragon skills by killing and hunting the people in the deep sea or on beaches.Create wounds and scars on sin Bods (human body) two dead down themself in a given time period for your survival (angry giant alligator) or perish forever in this dangerous assault sea mission 3D sim.

The vicious crawling creature predator crocodiles are the lethal, hostile and violent ocean slayers. Wild crocs are hungry for flesh and appetite for blood with a clear vision like an eagle eye.Use clever hunting strategies two hunt with your gigantic and wide mouth. You are a wild species att spot, chase, pursuit and split the target into pieces with your harmful and Monstrous jaws. Sobe prepared for the final thrilling seabattle to kill the people and things around you in swarming sea range and bli the ruler of the croc's world in this courageous and exciting crocodile simulation.

How to Play Angry Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D
• Swipe Your Finger two Control Assassin Crocodile
• Vanquish All the Enemies / materials in Your Way
• Hit the the Things to Earn Points
• Finish It in a Given Time

Unbelievable Features of Angry Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D
• Time Mode Gameplay for Daredevils
• Epic 3D Starving Killer Crocodile
• Inspiring Lake / River Environment of Angry Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D
• Virtual deadliest creature att Terrorize the Seaworld
• User-Friendly Interface of Crocodile Game Sim
• Amazing Graphics (GUI)
• Appealing Sound Effects

Best escapade 3D ​​simulator (Sims) & hour killer app among all simulation & shooting games you ever played before like shark, car, cat, farming, dinosaur (dino), etc. Angry Crocodile Attack Simulator 3D is the perfect worth-downloading option for you .