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Revision Reminder - Brain training, memory improving

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This is a useful and well-designed app which can help you save your notes of learned materials and knowledge, then automatically allocate a timetable and remind you of knowledge revision, using the basis of SPACED REPETITION algorithm (increasing intervals of time between subsequent reviews of previously learned materials in order to better absorb knowledge).

It seems to be A BAD HABIT of students to STUDY SO HARD PURELY BEFORE EXAMS, and just quickly FORGET almost all ONLY 1 WEEK AFTER THAT.

Is that worth it when you wish to study for knowledge, but it turns out to purely serve, say, your 2-hour exams? We believe that you are totally capable of absorbing any learned knowledge and making it yours forever, turning those knowledge into your own self. The key is that you must do subsequent reviews of previously learned materials frequently and at the right time.

However, when will be the best time for your revisions in order to remember as long as possible, and avoid finding yourself overwhelmed where there are so much to learn at the same time?

The question has been addressed since the 1930s. To answer this question, scientists developed a new algorithm named Spaced Repetition – an algorithm to calculate the optimal repetition interval.

Revision Reminder is a smart application which utilized the Spaced Repetition algorithm to help you best absorb any learned knowledge and calculate the optimal repetition point of time to review your knowledge. It also automatically allocate your revision timetable to avoid clashes of multiple-tasks.

Application features:

- Save your notes of any learned materials and knowledge:
+ Users can note some main points of the knowledge they gained (for example, making sweet cake methods, solving quadratic equation methods or Japanese vocabularies, etc.) with powerful note feature.
+ If you don't like note, you can take some pictures.
+ Especially, you can record voice. For example, it is very useful in case of studying languages, records of teacher’s or your own pronunciations help you catch up faster and assess yourself in the next reviews.

- Allocate revision timetable:
+ Based on the memorial capabilities of each user, the application calculates the optimal repetition point of time to complete each task of knowledge revision.
+ Send notification to remind users of the optimal time to review.
+ Manage history of users’ reviews.

Enhanced features of the most updated version:
- Recording function
- Option to “Add more” pictures as your notes
- Note feature: enhanced
- Notification function: enhanced

If you want more features or have some feedbacks, feel free to contact us. We always listen to you to make Revision Reminder better.

Revision Reminder - The keeper of your knowledge!

Spaced Repetion :