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Pedagogia Digital+

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Native iPad app for Moodle with support for all standard Moodle modules. The app is intended for student usage scenarios and does not require any server side installation or tweaking.

Pedagogia Digital+ provides iPad optimized view of your Moodle site for the following operations

- List enrolled courses
- View topics of a selected course
- View course assignments, edit your submissions and upload files
- View forums and post to forums
- View upcoming events, add event to calendar
- View course glossaries, add entries to glossaries and comment on glossary entries
- Display and download resources
- Join course chats
- List quizzes and see your quiz attempt reviews
- View your grades for all courses and inspect grading details for a selected course
- Open files from other apps or send files to other apps
- Take photos and upload to Moodle forums, assignments or other activities which require or support attachments
- Upload existing photos to Moodle activities
- Download files from any web site and upload these files to Moodle activities
- Record video/sound and upload to Moodle
- Register calendar events for local notifications
- Custom scheme support. Ability to open safe browsers like Mobicip
- File sharing support. Copy files from your computer with iTunes
- Profile support for Web Login. Your username and password is automatically inserted to your school's login page 

- Upload file to Private Files (Only for Moodle 2.x since Moodle 1.9.x does not have this feature) 
- Support for enrol/unenrol to courses (Only Internal Enrollment is supported) 
- List course participants and add participants to address book 
- Support for course Recent Activity/Latest News block 
- Support for course search and course categories 
- Forum search support 

In place browser for the following Moodle modules
- Quizzes
- Choices
- Lessons
- Surveys
- Wikis
- Workshops
- HotPots
- Journals
- Blogs
- Calendar

iPad specific features are
- Multi windowed experience
- Copy/Paste buffer
- Hide All, Show All, Expose and Close All windows
- Minimize/Maximize windows
- Show/Hide windows by dragging
- Hide unsused tabs