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Prevention Mouth Rinses

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Download from AppStore Announces Exclusive Manufacturer of Its Environmentally Friendly Oral Hygiene & Wound Care Line. "Healthy Mouth. Happy Life." Announces Exclusive Agreement with New Age Manufacturing, Inc of Raliegh, Illinois to manufacture and distribute its exclusive environmentally firendly oral hygiene and wound care formulations. New Age Manufacturing's VP Wendy Sanders announced today the company's new mission to promote its line of environmentally friendly oral hygiene & wound care products internationally via its new rebranded website & a 2015 online ad campaign "Healthy Mouth. Happy Life." “We’re totally excited to announce New Age as the exclusive manufacturer & distributor of Prevention’s four oral mouth rinse formulations and our line of wound and insect bite sprays.” New Age Manufacturing's Environmentally Friendly Product Line Includes: Prevention Everyday Mouth Rinse Manages plaque and gingivitis, kills germs. Zinc/Hydrogen Peroxide formula that’s safe for all ages. Prevention Antibacterial | No Alcohol Mouth Rinse Manages plaque and gingivitis, kills germs. Zinc/Hydrogen Peroxide formula that’s alcohol free. Safe for all ages. Prevention Periodontal Mouth Rinse | A+B Formula is our strongest formula created specially for periodontal patients. Long lasting zinc/hydrogen peroxide formula that's tough on germs. Prevention Oncology Formula - New Age is the only manufacturer of a mouth rinse especially formulated for oncology patients. Alcohol Free and Low Alcohol Formulas Available Online & Over The Counter. No Prescription Necessary Third generation Antimicrobial Formula Active for 8+ Hours Controls Oral Pathogens Tough on Thrush Manages Plaque Safe for Long Term Use Freshens Breath Great Taste No Dyes Free of Petroleum Products Vegan and Gluten Free Prevention Burn & Wound Sprays - provide instant relief for burns and abrasions while protecting you against bacteria and fungi that delay healing. Our unique formula controls pathogens and promotes the natural healing process for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. The complex combination of ions and antioxidants works to control infection, reduce healing time, and minimize scarring. Prevention Insect Bite Relief is designed to help with bug bites including mosquitoes, wasps, and chiggers. Prevention's unique formula contains natural anti-histamines that reduce the body’s inflammatory response and minimize the formation of itchy bites. Antimicrobials protect against infection and antioxidants promote the body’s natural healing process. Safety & Research PREVENTION ™ has undergone extensive research regarding the safety and efficacy of the complete line of Prevention Mouth Rinses. Studies were conducted through accredited research institutions including: the University of Louisville, the University of Iowa, the University of South Carolina, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Illinois. These studies demonstrate the unique properties of Prevention mouth rinse that kill oral pathogens upon contact, render dental plaque benign, reduce formation of new plaque, and remain effective after use. Studies confirm that Prevention Mouth Rinses are a potent antimicrobial that rapidly kill and/or inhibit the growth of oral pathogens including: S. mutans and A. actinomycetemcomitans - the primary microorganisms linked to dental cavities. B. gingivalis, P. gingivalis, and F. nucleatum - anaerobic bacteria associated with periodontal disease. Candida albicans -yeast associated with oral infections including thrush and denture stomatitis. All Products are formulated and manufactured in the USA.