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Hilda Bewildered

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From the creators of The Artifacts and Midnight Feast, Hilda Bewildered is a new illustrated short story for deep-thinking adolescent readers.

Somewhere in a non-specified European country, Princess Hilda comes of age. She must deliver a prepared speech at midnight tonight, charged with the task of ‘opening winter’. Unfortunately for Hilda, she is terrified of speaking in front of a live audience.

Put on your close-reading hats for this one. Prepare a cup of peppermint tea, find the coldest time of day, then plug in some headphones to fully appreciate the beautiful soundtrack.



• The nature of celebrity
• Constant surveillance/Imaginary Audience Syndrome
• Social invisibility
• The stochastic nature of birthright
• Beauty and self-image
• ‘Grass is greener’ feelings
• The language of advertising
• Fear of public speaking
• Finding inner strength
• Loneliness among crowds



• 32 pages of story
• Intuitive navigation
• Painterly style of artwork
• Hand-coded interactive book
• Original soundtrack composed for this story by Chris Hurn
• Any links to the Internet are well out of the way, behind a ‘parental gate’
• Internet links = author notes on our own website, and back to the App Store