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Pee 101

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This APP contains seriously funny pictures, witty captions and a ton of fascinating facts on PEE. 101 Ways Men Pee is far from ordinary. A great laugh to be shared with friends ANYWHERE, even in the bathroom.

101 Ways Men Pee is a very unusual APP that’s completely and totally focused on a subject that most people would simply gloss over in polite society. Dubbed the “Ultimate Bathroom APP,” it helps people learn all about the act of men peeing. This is an APP filled with funny, thought-provoking, and downright strange trivia and facts all dealing with the act of urination, and according to many book critics, it’s one of the best reads you can have in the bathroom.

Whether you are just a trivia fanatic who wants to learn about everything, or just a younger kid-at-heart with a penchant for bathroom humour, 101 Ways Men Pee has something that you’ll enjoy reading about. The APP literally covers everything and anything related to men peeing, from the etymology of the actual words and euphemisms for urination, to quotes from celebrities related to the act. Some of the more unusual things you’ll learn when reading 101 Ways Men Pee are as follows...

• The many different ways men have peed in the past
• Unique advice that deals with men and pissing
• Unusual uses for urine throughout history
• Little known facts about your urine and your health
• The bizarre history of urine and sex
• Funny anecdotes from celebrities and historical figures involving urine
• Ridiculous advice on how to pee without problem
• Old school advice on how to alleviate a shy bladder issue
• Which countries had men who traditionally sat instead of standing while urinating
• The actual science behind how men pee

In a market where original yet nonfiction books are few and far between, reading 101 Ways Men Pee is a breath of fresh air for the average reader. This APP/book will grab attention, get people curious about one of the human body’s most basic functions, and also entertain people while educating them. Despite the fact that it covers a subject often thought of as rude, 101 Ways Men Pee is an APP/book that somehow manages to keep discussion of the subject classy while still keeping it entertaining. In other words, you can definitely expect to have at least a chuckle or two while leafing through it.

101 Ways Men Pee is an excellent APP/book for people who want to give a friend a funny gift, people who want to learn a little more about how men pee, as well as people who just enjoy esoteric knowledge from all walks of life.