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alphachn smart home

iPhone / iPad
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It is a smart switch can be controlled electrical equipment intelligent switch products through computer
networks. With the popularity of smart appliances gradually, the concept of positive things into people's lives,
intelligent switch control board (hereinafter referred to as the control panel) can make all electrical devices through
centralized management and control computer, and even be controlled by the network, the phone. To bring you the
comfort and convenience of life, but also very consistent with the national energy conservation made the call. Control
panel can be widely used in hotels, entertainment, chess and other multi-room teahouse centralized control and
management of electrical, computer management of Internet cafes, a variety of occasions lighting control (such as a
billiard room lighting control, lighting control, home lighting control, etc.), but also to motor control, production line
control, and so on.
• Features and Uses
Each can withstand load power 2000W, high-power electrical devices can be controlled
Support online and offline online offline timing control device, with precise clock circuit, and a back-up lithium battery,
long life
Control panel can be connected to a wired or wireless LAN router as a computer controlled through any computer,
you can use a cell phone or laptop wifi connection control
Control panel can be controlled by using a Bluetooth wireless computer or mobile phone
Long logical address coding, support custom coding device address, the maximum length of the device can support
8 address code
Computer control terminal or software failure can be used to open and close control relays offline capabilities for
emergency. Communication protocols using asynchronous serial communication protocol, 8 data bits, 1
stop bit and no parity bit. Default baud rate of 9600bps
Users can easily connect the serial card, wireless Bluetooth communication module expansion etc. TCP protocol
development or wireless transmission
Control of electrical fewer users simply use a control board, after extended only when you can configure the switch
board (expandable up 12 channels), that reduce costs and facilitate the expansion of
Dashboard strengthen tin shop at high current, high current to ensure reliable through quality terminals, makes it
easier to lock the thread, not because of equipment overloading burned equipment
Dashboard using high-performance single-chip, on-board hardware watchdog, the program has anti-death
mechanisms to ensure stable and reliable
The control board has running lights, communication status indicators, each has its SMD LED display switch status,
you can visually display the operating status
Support programming marquees, water lights controlled lights, adding to the festive fun
• applications
Can be widely used in hotels electrical centralized control (control room electrical switches), chess room
entertainment room electrical control (such as the control mahjong switch), Internet cafe computer management
(such as control panels, display switch), on various occasions lighting control (such as a billiard room lighting control,
lighting control, home lighting control, etc.), also apply to motor control, production line control, and so on.
Communication distance measured indoor 100 meters, outdoor 300 meters. Supports three networking modes, up to
32 users simultaneously on-line control.
iPhone, iPad control software:
First, the Andrews control software
1. Supports centralized management control 1-99 group controller can add, delete, modify the name, icon and
other parameters
3 support conventional switch, jog, delay length
4 supports real-time switching state, the switch status display
5 support gesture password
6. Supports custom control approach, name, icon
7 support fully open, fully closed, the custom control group scene
8. Supports timed task