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2049 a.d., the World Stellar Agency (WSA) has intercepted some signal transmissions among planets in the distant Andromeda’s KX solar system galaxy. These transmissions refer to a possible invasion of the Earth in 2060. They also suggest wiping out the human race and colonising the planet. For that, the Andromeda planet K4 has created a new lethal weapon: a ciborg able to shoot laser beams by itself.

2050 a.d., the WSA sends his best soldier, John, a battle veteran expert not only in our planet but also in our solar system, to “clean” Andromeda galaxy from any hostile alien to prevent their invasion.

John leaves with a great deal of destructive weapons, from all sort of bombs and supersonic missiles to a new born surprising missile. He must clear K1,K2,K3,K4 planets of any alien.

Will he come through? Soon we’ll see.
Take a chance on Hostile Galaxy Episode 1, a last generation action arcade with stunning graphics. It will soon be number 1 worldwide!!

Thanks to my friend Bob for giving me this great idea and I hope the little kids play absorb them like a sponge.

The game has 120 fun levels.
4 planets to discover.
12 types of different enemies.
All completely free