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TV Ad Workout

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  • Health & Fitness
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Get healthy, lose weight, get firm and save time with this workout generator! You are your own gym!

"Every passing moment is yet another chance to turn it all around...this app is your opportunity." - Dr. Zac Burkett of Doctor Fitness Chiropractic

Some people want to work out and get healthy, but just can't determine what to do. Some start a routine and get bored with it quickly. And others believe they just don't have the time- It seems overwhelming with all of their life demands so they can't commit to a contiguous block of 45 minutes; or they tell themselves they will get serious and start next Monday, and yet that day never seems to come. This app was designed to combat the boredom, lack of time and confusion that comes with just determining what to do.

Despite the claim that there is no time to exercise, one of people's regular activities is sitting in front of the television at some point during their day. And on most networks there are advertisements that take approximately 30 seconds each to air. Everyone has at least those 30 second intervals to do something for themselves.

Sure 30 seconds will not make you fit, but if done repeatedly for months or years, you will have something to show for it. Just like one fast food meal will not not make you unhealthy, yet done constantly you will have something to show for it years down the line.

This app has over 70 exercises built in that require no equipment and the most scaled down process to get you moving! Just one click then the focus is on you! Each click generates a random exercise for you to do so it's always a fresh, new routine.

How to use:
Just click start once and do the suggested exercise until the timer runs out. It doesn't get much easier than that. Not familiar with an exercise or know that you physically can't do that? There is always an alternative exercise generated as well to keep you moving.