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Observe™ - Activity Analysis and Utilization Study Application

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83% of corporate real estate executive rank space utilization as the most important metric for making effective workplace decisions. [Gensler Research, 2013]

Gensler's award winning iPad app*, Observe™, combines floor plans and survey criteria into one intuitive tool - allowing workplace activity and utilization data to be collected directly to floor plans. Heat maps, together with tabular reports, can be generated to analyze results and identify patterns. Knowledge about work processes, connection what people do to where they do it, and anticipating future needs is the best way to increase productivity now, while identifying what you'll need for optimal performance in the future.

Observe can be used to collect data for many purposes, including:

• Activity Analysis
• Time Utilization Studies
• People Tracking
• Room Details
• Names to Seats

How it works: First, Gensler converts your floor plan into an interactive format for use in Observe. Once the unique survey criteria has been configured, it's ready to use. Surveyors are assigned to a space and walk a predefined route. Collecting data is as simple as tapping on a workspace or a conference room to record the utilization status, activity, or other pre-defined criteria.

Once the survey is complete, the data is uploaded directly into Wisp™, for visualization and reporting. No manual data transfer is required. Results are provided in reports and colorized floor plans showing utilization for given periods of time. Raw data can also be provided for manipulation by the end user.

To get started, contact Gensler at 877.407.0556

What you can learn:
• How often is a space used throughout the day?
• What is the average time spent at desks?
• How many people use the conference rooms?
• What is the minimum desk sharing recommendation?
• Which department use the most space?

Beyond use in corporate workplaces, Observe is being used to conduct a multiyear investigation into the use of academic libraries across the US and UK. There observations will lead to a better understanding of student behaviors and pilot the design of more effective workspaces. To learn about more uses for this app, call Gensler at 877.407.0556.

*Observe helped win a 2013 REmmy Award from CoreNet Global's Canadian Chapter.