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Organic Food Bible

iPhone / iPad
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Organic Food Heals

• Search hundreds of different foods and learn about their healing properties
• Read about the healing nutrients in each listed food
• Read about the specific diseases or conditions that food can heal
• Find out which organ and body system that each food targets for healing
• Each food has certain key facts that makes it special for certain conditions, read about what they are in the "Amazing Health Facts" section

• Hundreds of Diseases and conditions listed, read about their definitions and causes
• Find out whats the best food for a certain disease or condition
• Read about the many herbs that can heal and reverse many conditions
• Each disease has a section for supplements or other modalities that have been proven to help eradicate that disease or lessen its severity
• Note, this is a very extensive app in terms of data, it might take a few minutes to install on your Iphone

With simple lifestyle changes such as making "All" your food choices Organic, and eating more raw fruits and veggies, using a "Far Infrared Sauna", Getting plenty of sleep and making time for yourself so as not to let stress build up, using a shower filter, drinking only pure spring water with a high PH, and getting some moderate exercise, you can virtually heal any disease or condition, in many instances in a very short time.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food "

Wishing you good health and a long happy life.
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