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Genius Dot Test

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Are you one of the chosen few with exceptional counting skills?

The ability to accurately estimate large numbers of objects in an instant is a rare skill, said to have been mastered by only a few in history. For example Kim Peek, who was the inspiration for the autistic savant character in the famous movie "Rain Main", had such counting skills along with other talents such as a superb memory.

Genius Dot Test allows you to quickly and easy determine your instantaneous counting abilities using a series of tests. There are several skill levels which get increasingly difficult, and the results of all tests can be viewed any time in graph form.

Even if your counting abilities aren't anything special, through practice you can potentially hone these skills over time. Who knows how these newfound skills could be applied to your life?

Your total score is based on your counting accuracy and your speed of response, so this app can be used to train reaction time as well.