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Top iPad apps on sale

for March 31st
Prices were last updated about an hour ago


If you are looking for some exciting apps at a great price, then check out our list of the best iPad apps on sale for March 31st, 2013. These apps were on sale as of publication. However, please check their official iTunes page to verify price.


Make Your Wedding

Price: $4.99 was $9.99

If you’re looking to plan your wedding, this app is perfect. It will also give you budget-friendly suggestions!


Teach Me Sushi

Price: $6.99 was $8.99

This app allows you to make sushi, so if you’ve always been a fan but never confident enough to make it yourself, get this app!





Price: $1.99 was $3.99

This app lets you swap faces, flip faces and more – create hilarious images!





MyPhoto HD

Price: $0.99 was $1.99

Want to organize your photos into separate albums? This app is perfect for that and so much more! One of the top apps in many different countries.




What I Own: Home Inventory Manager

Price: $0.99 was $1.99

If you want to keep track of your possessions in case of natural disasters, or for insurance purposes, then use this app.



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