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5 Trending Apps to Download in 2019

16 Apr 2019 Developer News
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The online world is an incredibly useful one and thanks to creative developers, online users are able to access applications which have been designed to simplify everyday tasks through our mobile or PC devices. Now although there are hundreds of thousands of apps to download, you need to figure out what most you need an app for. If you are a blogger, you would want to download WordPress and extensions to utilize this service via mobile devices. And if you are building a website, you may want to download tools to enhance your websites performance.


Whatever your reason, you ultimately need to narrow your list down and simplify your search online. However, there are times you get away with generalizing and our 5 most trending apps to download in 2019 can be voted as the best applications no matter your field of interest. Why is this? This is because these apps have been downloaded the most and currently are on top rated sites. We have tried and tested numerous applications and here is our online selection.


1-Online Casinos

NoviBet UK casino games are some of the most played casino games on the internet accessible via your iPhone, android or PC devices. Online casinos have fast risen to be one of the most downloadable applications and through modern mobile tech; you don’t even need to download any application if you didn’t want to.



NetFlix has fast risen to one of the most downloaded applications to mobile devices. The streaming service caters to each individual’s movie and TV show preferences. The movie service caters for children and all the available movies have been preapproved to ensure that the movies or shows your kids are watching have been hand selected to ensure the safety of your kids.



This is a music application which streams music directly to your mobile device. The application features a number of attractive functionality which includes creating playlists, listening to similar artists, follow popular artists and download tracks for offline mode.


4-NY Times

The New York Times is one of the most purchased newspapers in the world. Now readers can access the world’s most read newspaper online and even customize the application to feature selected stories. Keep your favourite newspaper on you to kill time and stay in touch with the world’s news.



If you are a sports fan you need this application in your life. This app delivers scores, goals, home runs and pretty much anything and everything ranging from NASCAR, NFL, NBL to ice hockey and more can be viewed from your mobile.

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