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The Complete Guide of Everything iPhone: Which to Buy

24 May 2019 Developer News
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Everyone knows that when it comes to releasing new phones, Apple takes the cake in coming up with new products to sell to the public. Since they released the first generation in 2007, there have been countless changes and upgrades to their products to better serve the customer.

We have watched the evolution of iPhones since 2007, but how can you decide which model of the iPhone is best for you?

From the iPhone 6 and after, Apple has a large selection of quality phones. Here is your complete guide to the Apple iPhone to help you decide which generation is the one that you will take home.


2007-2013: From the iPhone First Generation to the iPhone 5c

The progression of the iPhones is actually very incredible, and it is interesting to see how much they have changed since the first four.

While most people with iPhones have already upgraded their products from the options during this era, the 5s should is still a lasting option that should not be pushed aside.

Being economical and efficient the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c are all viable options for your next cell phone. These don’t have the amazing speed, storage availability, and features as later iPhones, but the iPhone 5 will satisfy your basic needs at an unbeatable price.


2014-2017: The iPhone 6 and 6s to the iPhone 8 Plus

This section of Apple’s evolution is where they started to think bigger and bigger. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5” display that allows for easier streaming and access.

The 6s, while it may look similar on the exterior, actually has a greatly improved camera and larger memory. Also, the 6s model is where the 3D touch feature was first introduced.

For those looking for a cheaper option in this section of phones, the SE is your best bet. It has all of the benefits of the 6s (excluding the 3D touch) in a smaller and more affordable package.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus took away the headphone jack, but made up for this with its new dual camera featuring portrait mode and a better zoom.

Last but not least from this era of iPhones: the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus introduced a glass back for wireless charging. In terms of features, this phone beat every predecessor before it. However, it’s glass back makes it sensitive and prone to dropping. It needs more protection than any previous model.

If you decide on this generation of iPhone, make sure that you get one of the best iPhone 8 cases and covers to protect your phone’s glass back.

2017-2018: The iPhone X to the iPhone XR

The iPhone X has the extra front facing camera that allows for even better selfies than the previous models but dropped the home button. Most users do not miss this feature, and it seems to be relatively easy to adjust to the new way of getting back to home by swiping up.

The iPhone XS and XS Max offer even better camera quality and high definition retina display. These models have a built-in chip that decreases battery drain for those who are frequently on their phones.

The iPhone XR is the last and most recent release from Apple. This model serves as the economic version of this generation of iPhones, and it comes in a variety of colors.


Which to Choose?

With all of the options of iPhones, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for you. Fortunately, there are significant differences in the phones that will help make the decision for you.

With this guide to the Apple iPhone, you should have no problem finding the right fit. Keep price, features, and size in mind. Make your own chart on a spare piece of paper and compare each model’s qualities. Do you prefer the latest features at the most expensive price, or the basic qualities at a cost you can afford most?

Whether you go with the basics and keep the compact SE, go big with the new iPhone XS, or save some money by getting the economical XR, you won’t regret your decision to join the Apple family. It’s the brand of choice for many people – welcome!

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