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Transactions from mobile gambling rise by 95%

23 Aug 2019 Developer News
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  • Mobile gambling is at its peak, with a great offer of mobile casino games, quick payments and smooth game play
  • These are the main factors why mobile gambling transactions have increased by 95% in the last year, making up for over half of all monetary transactions across online casinos
  • With the opening of new gambling markets and the access to smart phone devices the popularity of mobile gambling is set to grow even more.


Popularity of mobile gambling

The gambling industry is always changing and keeping up with the latest trends and innovations across the world. They quickly embraced the internet in the 1990s, which led to the blooming of online casinos. They also saw the potential of smart phones and mobile gambling when the devices could support online casinos.

Many gamblers like to play at their favorite online casinos on the go. They have a bigger freedom, without having to go to a brick and mortar casino or to use a desktop computer in order to play the games (you can see a full list with reviews of online casinos and slot sites here). A few years ago the number of casino games which could be played from your mobile device was pretty low. But today the industry is catching up and players can now enjoy pretty much every casino game on the go.

At the same time many developing countries are embracing mobile gambling, since a big number of people there simply don’t have access to desktop computers or laptops. As an example we can freely say that in Africa more people have mobile phones then they have bank accounts.

Another factor which contributes to the growth of mobile gambling is the cost of smart phones. Many smart phones cost way less than a desktop computer or a laptop and most of them will satisfy your everyday needs. Also the mobile internet providers offer users 4G and 5G networks with speeds which are more than enough for a seamless games play on the casino games. All of these factors contribute to the rise of mobile gambling across the world.


New reports

The latest data for mobile gambling transactions were taken from the  2019 iovation Gambling Industry Report. In this report over 518 million transactions were analyzed from over 100 prominent online casinos in the world. As we mentioned earlier the report shows a 95% increase in mobile gambling transactions. This rise continues on since back in 2012, a time when only a total of 6% of all transactions at online casinos were made via mobile. By the start of 2018 mobile transactions at online casinos reached 50%.

The online gambling industry is constantly changing. We can see the implementation of new gambling laws in many countries, including the US and Japan. Also new markets are opening up across Asia and Africa leading to an increased number of players. At the same time regulators are constantly keeping a close eye on their operators. This way players have a bigger confidence in online casinos, which results in a bigger volume of transactions from mobile devices.


New trends in 2019

The 2019 iovation Gambling Industry Report also shows that online casinos will have a considerable growth in 2019. With the opening of new markets across the US, India, Singapore and Africa there will also be an increase in competition among operators. Also a bigger emphasis will be put on fighting fraudulent players and protecting existing customers, without affecting their online casino experience. The last detail to note is that regulators will crack down on misbehaving casinos. As an example we can take the UK Gambling Commission which has increased their fines from the relatively small £1.6 million to a staggering £18 million in the last year. This way online casinos are guaranteed to keep up with the regulations imposed by their licensor.

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