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Create your own vocabulary course with Lingvist's new Course Wizard

14 Oct 2019 Developer News
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In today's world, knowing a second language gives you several advantages, and it opens doors to new knowledge and connections. Lingvist has introduced a new feature in their vocabulary app that helps you to learn languages quickly by creating your own vocabulary course in French or Spanish. Lingvist is a pioneer in the field, and it provides many features that help you to improve your Spanish, French, German, or Russian language knowledge, including AI to optimize your learning.


How does the app work? 

Lingvist is a user-friendly app that has many features to optimize your learning. You can download the app for Android or iOS, or you can study with it on the web. Easily select the language (Spanish, French, German, or Russian) that you want to learn, and then the app will assess your level, putting you right where you belong in the course so you aren’t learning words you already know. Each word is shown in example sentences so you can see how they are used; moreover, you can listen to the pronunciation of the whole sentence.


Here are some key features of Lingvist that will lead to a productive learning experience: 

  • Knowledge Mapping – If you are not a complete beginner, you can skip the words you already know and keep your learning on a fast track. 
  • Vocabulary Builder – You can quickly learn new vocabulary, and you can review your vocabulary knowledge in real-life context sentences.
  • Voice Input – This paid feature saves you time, and it helps you to practice and improve your pronunciation. Instead of typing the word, just speak it!
  • Course Wizard – This feature helps you to create your own course that you build by adding words related to your chosen topics. Currently, you can    learn Spanish (both European and Latin American Spanish are available) and    French with Course Wizard.
  • Classroom – If you are a teacher, you can invite students to learn your Course Wizard courses.  In this classroom segment, you can see the students' statistics, how many words they have studied, and how much time they have spent. 


Al and spaced repetition 

Lingvist uses spaced repetition as the concept at the heart of its algorithm. The app knows when to repeat the words you have seen at the optimal time so they are more likely to stay in your long-term memory. This is how the app helps you improve your vocabulary faster than other apps. 



Lingvist is a great app that helps you improve your vocabulary efficiently. It has helped many English speakers around the world improve their French, Spanish, German, and Russian language skills. Start using the app for free to check out all of their features and quickly level up your foreign language skills with Lingvist!

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