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Mind-Blowing Smartphone Hacks

02 Dec 2019 Developer News
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smartphone hacks
smartphone hacks

From cooking fast and easy to cope with everyday routine, we look for hacks for around everything. Essentially, things that let us complete or perform any task in lesser time and efficiently are known as hacks. Since smartphones and tablets have taken an indispensable place in our lives, it has now become essential to know some cool hacks to handle them well. Well, while searching for some cool gadget hacks, I came across some fantastic ones. These hacks will not only help you save time but also give you smooth user experience. So without any further ado, let’s roll and have a look at some of the incredibly amazing mobile hacks.


#1. Charge Your Phone Fast

Image Source:
Image Source:

How do you feel when you run short on your phone’s battery and have to reach some important destination while covering a long-distance route? Irritated, right? Most of the phones nowadays come with C-type charging support and it becomes easy for them to charge their phone is less amount of time. But, what about others? Don’t worry!! I have an easy hack for this. If you are running a little late then you may put your phone on airplane mode or switch it off while charging. It’s better if you turn it off because your phone will not burn energy continuously to plot GPS and connect to network towers this way. Also, it’s better to avoid using your phone while charging. So, the next time you look forward to charging your phone to the max in a limited time, use these hacks and see the results for yourself. Tip to take: If you still find that the battery of your phone is not performing well and want to get yourself a new phone but do not feel like investing in buying one, then you may rent mobile phones in a hassle-free manner. The best part about renting over buying is that you will be able to save your hard-earned money and still use the best mobile phone.


#2. Get a Recycle Bin for Android

Image Source: fonepaw

Mac comes with trash, Windows comes with Recycle Bin, so what does android have? Many of you might think that if you delete a file on your android device, it is gone forever and you might need a recovery program to get back the same deleted file. Well, not anymore. You get an option to activate a Recycle Bin on your android device just like you have one on your PC or laptop. There are many applications available in Playstore that may help you safeguard your deleted file. So, if you delete any file by mistake or in a hurry, you may recover the same as they get stored in the respective app. Also, it is advised to keep your phone’s storage free by deleting the unwanted files to keep its performance smooth. You may also go through this list of top 5 Recycle Bin apps for Android.   


#3. Turn Your Phone into a Remote Controller

Image Source: blog.pickaboo

The title of the most used device in the history of mankind goes to remote controllers. From Tv to Ac, everything came with a small wand that had little buttons on it. Now one thing associated with these remote controllers is that they often make the user feel irritated due to malfunctioning, if fallen from a height or if the cells get drained out. Well, this scenario has changed now because the smartphones come with IR blasters enabling them to get paired with the IR controlled devices. This means that you do not need a remote anymore to keep control over your TV or AC.


#4. Explore the Magical Light Lamp of Your Phone

Imagine yourself sitting alone in a dark room at night. Does it sound scary? Well, you do not need to feel scared anymore because you have your favorite device to the rescue. Yes!! We all know that mobile phones come with built-in flashlights and the light produced by them is bright and intense. Well, this may also damage your eyes. So, you may try and put a bottle full of water in front of the smartphone’s flashlight to get the magic lamp ready to use.


#5. Ignore Ads While Playing Games

For those of you who do not know, you may avoid any in-app ads by simply turning off your mobile data or Wi-Fi and stay away from the irritating ads that keep interrupting you while you are busy playing your favorite game. If the ads still appear after you have turned off your mobile data or Wi-Fi, then you may clear the cache and enjoy the ad-free experience. Also, smartphones these days come with a feature of Game Mode, which if enabled, disable the ads to make the whole experience of gaming user-friendly and distraction-free.


#6. Upload a Picture and Get Things Identified

Image Source: androidauthority

Gone are the days when you had to type in the search bar on your mobile to get answers/information. Now is the time of image recognition technology which means that identifying objects in a picture is now a reality. The search engine’s photo recognition tool, Google Goggles, does the task of running a query against its massive image database to provide related matches and give reliable results to the user. So, you can now get things identified in a jiffy.


#7. Get Instant 5x Zoom Camera

Most of the smartphones these days come with a macro lens but the zoom effect is not as good as that of a DSLR or a digital camera. Although there are accessories available in the market to enable you to get that 5x zoom function at home easily.

You may also try the same by dropping a drop of water on the camera of your mobile to get an instant 5x zoom. Didn’t know that before? Well, now you know it.


Wrapping it Up

So these are a few smartphone hacks that can unusually simplify your life. Now that you know about these amazing hacks, do not forget to give these a try and experience doing amazing stuff with your phone. Also, if you are tech-savvy and know about any other smartphone hacks, feel free to share the same in the comment box below.

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