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Investigative Uses of Modern Technology

16 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Technology is now integrated into our daily lives more than ever. With the astonishing advancements we see every day in all fields, it’s not surprising to find it used for investigative purposes. Even the public can get their hands on some of these technological tools to investigate someone or something. Whether it is to locate your family, or to track someone’s suspicious activity, it is all out there for grabs, and people can use these tools for various reasons. If you are curious to know more about this, here are some of the most important uses of modern technology for investigation.


Tracking Someone’s Location

Nowadays, you can track anyone’s location with a GPS tracking device. These devices are pretty common, and you can easily get them. While some people might find difficulty using GPS, modern services and apps will also feature a find a private investigator near me option, through which you can contact a licensed professional to do all the tracking for you, and give you all the answers you need. Usually, people buy GPS tracking devices so they can track their family members for safety purposes, while business owners can track employees with company vehicles during their business hours.


Locating Physical Damage

Knowing where physical damage is, and what type of injury the person has as quickly as possible can actually save someone’s life. Forensic nurses face that situation a lot. That’s why they use alternative light photography to know where bruises or damages have occurred before it reaches the skin. This can help identify what, and who inflicted that damage. However, alternative light photography has to be done by a qualified nurse.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is used to further advance investigations and identify people, which is why the FBI uses the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program that has an accuracy level of 85%. Because this technology is rapidly advancing, and because the FBI can access drivers’ license photos, passport databases, and surveillance cameras, identifying people virtually, is now easier than ever.

Identifying Criminals via DNA

DNA profiling is one of the most important tools in investigations. It is easy to identify someone through something as small as a hair or skin sample, and DNA identification is one of the leading tools that crime lab technicians use to tell the ordering of someone’s nucleobase with the help of a DNA sequencer. These machines can identify the patterns of the DNA on these samples to tell whether a person in question is a potential suspect or not.


Tracking Someone’s Activity

If you want to track anyone’s activity, you can go ahead and look them up on social media. This makes social media the most powerful means of technology today to investigate someone. People tend to share their personal information, locations, and daily life details through their social accounts, and this information is practically accessible to everyone who has an internet connection. So if a special investigator wants to track someone’s activity, the first go-to is usually social media, unless of course, that person has zero activity on them.


The developments of technology facilitate the process of tracking anyone, and because some of these tools can be misused, only experts and qualified people are allowed to use them. However, there are tools available to the public as well, so make sure to use them to protect yourself and your family.

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