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Zoho Show for iOS and iPad OS: Create and present impactful slides with your Apple device

09 Nov 2020 Developer News
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Zoho Show - Presentation App
Zoho Show - Presentation App

Creating presentations is an ordeal for many people, even when they are made using a laptop or a PC. The difficulties generally tend to increase if you wish to create slides using your mobile device, like your iPhone or your iPad. Here at Zoho, we know Apple users are always on the lookout to improve the functionality and productivity benefits their devices provide. That is why we recommend you check out Zoho Show, a slide creation app packed with features and an easy-to-use interface.

Zoho Show is a sleek, user-centric presentation tool that helps you easily create, edit, share, and collaborate on presentations.

With Zoho Show, you can import PowerPoint (PPTX) files and continue to work from where you left off without any formatting issues. You can also export your slides as a PDF, image, or a PPTX file. The app is available for both iOS and iPadOS users and is completely free!

A deeper look at some of the features of Zoho Show

Zoho Show was designed with a focus on the requirements that come with creating professional slides for your organization. Here are some of the features the Show iOS app offers to make your presentation creation experience as seamless as possible:

Tons of templates

Most generic presentation themes have been overused to an extent that the thought of using these uninspiring slides puts many of you to sleep. This is where Show's exciting templates come to the rescue: pick from a wide array of template options our teams created to cater to multiple different professions.

From prepping slides for a HR orientation program to compiling a quarterly sales report, we've got ready-made templates available for any type of presentation you need. Create professional slides for your next presentation and engage your audience like never before. 

Simple, contextual user interface

All great discoveries in the world have been made only once. It doesn't really make sense to go searching for the same thing repeatedly. Why not apply the same logic to your presentation tool? Wouldn't it be simpler if all the necessary formatting options are easily accessible in one place?

Show's contextual user interface won't overload you with a huge list of options you have to choose from every single time. Instead, it just offers all the options relevant to the slide element you have selected. For instance, if you wish to increase the transparency of an image, skip searching for it and find the option right there in the contextual pane. Formatting your slides will only be a test of your creativity, not your patience.

Easy to share

The presenter's job doesn't stop when the creation part is done, especially in an organizational setting. You may need to share your presentation with people across many different teams to get their feedback and suggestions. Imagine sharing the presentation file with each and everyone individually, then compiling their feedback yourself. It might end up taking longer than the time spent to create the presentation!

In the Show iOS and iPad app, we have simplified sharing in a way that benefits both parties. You can share your slides just by adding the email address of the recipient, and the person you have shared the presentation with will be instantly notified. You can also select the access level for each individual to keep track of the changes made to your slides.

Present with your Apple TV

Setting up a projector screen, going on a wild goose chase to find the connecting cord, adjusting the image, and then presenting your ideas: this process can be a nightmare before an important presentation.

With smart TVs growing in popularity and slowly becoming the new normal, we're pleased to offer an easier setup alternative. Using the Zoho Show app, you can present your ideas using an Apple TV on the big screen. Forget about presentation clickers; use your iPhone as a remote to navigate your slides. We went one step further and made our Show app compatible with the Apple Watch—the power to control your slides is now right on your wrist! 

We value security, just like you

We understand how big a factor privacy is when Apple users make a decision, because we at Zoho value privacy and security more than anything. We use strong encryption protocols to ensure all your data is safely stored in our servers.

Zoho Show is a contextual, effective presentation tool with all the features you need in a presentation app for your Apple device and more.       

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