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04 Jun 2021 Developer News
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You can call Twitter a microblogging site because its users share short statements with a large audience. Twitter is a social networking site that enables users to interact with new people with the help of “Tweets.” It’s pretty exciting to know that Twitter has around 330 million monthly users involved in thoughts or opinions sharing and discussing current affairs. To make their accounts more visible lots of Twitter users take assistance from Twitter growth service and gain more organic followers to spread their word.

But not only words work on the platform. Since people love images and videos, Twitter media studio provides you access to share your content with the help of images, videos, or GIFs. It’s a one-stop resource for all types of content creators to relish the best advantage of Twitter. This platform is quite easy to use.

Features Of Twitter Media Studio

Twitter media studio has made the uploading, publishing, tracking of performance, and revenue-driving process more convenient. Read further to know more about its features and functionality.

1.Live video content sharing

Media Studio has allowed creators to create and share high-quality broadcasts from external sources, e.g., streaming software, hardware encoders, and other studio applications. You can also promote them in advance before going live. With the help of LivCut feature, you can create highlights instantly for video promotion.

2.Library for sharing

The studio library made uploading and organizing your photos, videos, and GIFs much easier. It simplifies the management of videos on Twitter and lets you attract more traffic with the help of the metadata field. You can schedule your organic or promoted tweets.

3.Monetization options

You have to be part of Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Program to become eligible for monetization. You should have a Twitter Ad account to measure content performance with two unique monetization options:-

●Amplify Pre-roll

It automatically allows the advertisers to pair the ads with good-quality videos on Twitter. It uses the tags you have used in your video for easy revenue generation.

●Amplify Sponsorship

It refers to the monetization of content, including live videos and video clips, through direct sales. Also, it facilitates the proper alignment of advertisers.

4.View Analytics

The analytics dashboard provided by Media Studio is to track the progress and performance of your shared content on Twitter. Even if your organization is involved in handling multiple accounts, you can oversee the progress of all accounts in a unified manner. It means you can view unified analytics to track the overall activity of the organization.

How To Be Part Of The Amplify Publisher Program?

To be a part of the Amplify Publisher Program, you need to qualify for some essential criteria. Here, we have listed the most important points you should consider becoming a member of this program.

  • Share Brand-safe contents as per Safe For Ads Content guidelines.
  • Be an active user and share original content.
  • Acknowledge Twitter’s Spam rules and policies.
  • Accept the term and conditions of this program.
  • The video should be of premium quality.
  • User Accounts should not be involved in unlawful practices.
  • The user should be based in the country where the program is available.


When you manage your organization’s accounts, you must have seen the “Media Studio”. It will be beneficial for you to start promoting your video on Twitter, as 82% of users watch videos on this platform. Twitter media studio assists you in obtaining better results.

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