The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best 18-Inch Chainsaw

07 Feb 2023 Goods
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Understanding the Components of a Chainsaw

Before we dive into the specific details of 18-inch chainsaws, it's important to understand the basic components of a chainsaw.

  • Engine

The engine is the heart of the chainsaw and is responsible for generating the power that drives the chain. The size of the engine will determine the overall power of the chainsaw.

  • Bar and Chain

The bar and chain are the cutting components of the chainsaw. The length of the bar will determine the maximum cutting diameter of the chainsaw.

  • Guide Bar

The guide bar is the metal bar that extends from the chainsaw body and holds the chain in place. It is attached to the chainsaw by two sprockets, one at either end.

  • Chain Tensioning System

The chain tensioning system is used to adjust the tension on the chain, ensuring that it runs smoothly and does not come off the guide bar during use.

Why Choose an 18-Inch Chainsaw?


An 18-inch chainsaw offers several benefits, including:

  • A balance of power and portability
  • Versatility for a wide range of cutting tasks
  • Large enough to tackle tough jobs, yet still maneuverable

18-inch chainsaws are an indispensable tool for professionals and homeowners alike. Whether you need to clear fallen trees, cut firewood, or maintain your property, an 18-inch chainsaw is a perfect choice. 

This size of chainsaw offers a balance of power and portability, making it versatile enough to tackle tough jobs while still being maneuverable enough to handle smaller, more precise cuts. When it comes to choosing an 18-inch chainsaw, there are several factors to consider, including engine type, power output, weight, and safety features. 

With the right 18-inch chainsaw, you will have the power and versatility to tackle any job that comes your way. Whether you're a professional arborist, a homeowner, or a handy DIYer, an 18-inch chainsaw is an investment that you won't regret. So, let's dive into the world of 18-inch chainsaws and find the perfect tool for you.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an 18-Inch Chainsaw


There are several factors to consider when choosing the best 18-inch chainsaw for your needs, including:

  • Engine Type

There are two main types of engines found in chainsaws: two-stroke and four-stroke. Two-stroke engines are lighter and easier to handle, but they also require a mixture of gasoline and oil. Four-stroke engines are heavier but they run on gasoline only and tend to be more durable.

  • Power Output

The power output of a chainsaw is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and determines the overall power of the chainsaw. A higher cc rating means a more powerful engine.

  • Weight

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a chainsaw, as a heavy saw can quickly become tiring to use for extended periods of time. A lighter-weight chainsaw will be easier to handle and maneuver.

  • Safety Features

Safety features, such as automatic oiling systems and anti-vibration systems, are important to look for when choosing a chainsaw. These features will not only make using the chainsaw more comfortable, but they can also help to extend its lifespan.

Our Top Picks for the Best 18-Inch Chainsaws

An 18-inch chainsaw is a versatile tool for both professionals and homeowners. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. To make the decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top 18-inch chainsaws on the market, considering factors such as power, weight, safety features, and ease of use. 

Whether you're looking for a powerful saw for heavy-duty jobs or a lightweight option for smaller tasks, this list has you covered.

Best Overall: Chain Saw, Gas, 18 In. Bar, 40.2CC


The Echo CS-400 can be called a top-performing gas chainsaw which offers a more efficient output comparing to the Husqvarna 455 while maintaining a lightweight design. With a state-of-the-art double cycle engine, the Echo chainsaw makes cutting through a firm and thick wood a breeze. The chainsaw’s assembly is a great pro, so it can be used right out of the box, with the included engine oil.

One of the standout features of the Echo CS-400 is its engine technology that allows a quick start. No more frustration from trying to start the chainsaw in the first few pulls, the upgraded pull cord with spring and spark plug ensure the motor starts effortlessly with just three pulls. Say goodbye to chainsaw-related headaches and invest in the power and ease of the Echo CS-400.

Technical Features:

  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered.
  • Horsepower: 5.3 hp.
  • Item Weight: 10.1 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 26"L x 16"W x 14"H.
  • Chain Length: 18 inches.
  • 40.2cc Engine.
  • 18" Bar & Chain Included.
  • Engine Oil Included.
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Use.
  • Effortless Start Engine Technology.


  • Higher power output compared to Husqvarna 455.
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuvering.
  • 40.2 cc double-cycle engine for efficient cutting.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Engine oil included.
  • Effortless start engine technology, starts in just three pulls.


  • Gasoline-powered, may require frequent refueling and produces emissions.
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Could be heavy for some users, weighing 10.1 pounds.

Runner-Up: Husqvarna 445 Gas Chainsaw


Experience effortless starting with the innovative Effortless Starting Technology of the Husqvarna 445. Say goodbye to the frustration of pulling cords and difficulty starting your chainsaw.

With Low Vibration technology, you can tackle tough jobs with ease, as this feature reduces vibrations from the tool, making it more comfortable to use.

This gas chainsaw also features unique air injection technology that incorporates a centrifugal air cleaning system, ensuring dust and debris don't reach the air filter, prolonging its life.

Get ready for optimal engine performance with a longer-lasting air filter and tackle heavy-duty tasks with confidence with the power of the Husqvarna 445. However, it's important to note that this chainsaw is designed for professionals or experienced users, and caution should be exercised if you are a first-time user.

Technical Specs:

  • Brand: Husqvarna.
  • Power Source: Gas Powered.
  • Horsepower: 2.8 hp.
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 32"L x 10.74"W x 9"H.
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches.


  • Effortless Starting Technology for quick and easy starts.
  • Low Vibration technology for improved user comfort.
  • Unique air injection technology with a centrifugal air cleaning system to extend air filter life.
  • Long-lasting air filter for optimal engine performance.
  • Designed for heavy-duty tasks.


  • Designed for professionals or experienced users, not suitable for first-time users.

Great Value: Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw


Get the power of a gas chainsaw without the noise, fumes, or hassle with the Greenworks Pro 80V chainsaw. The perfect choice for those seeking the best 18-inch chainsaw under 300 dollars, this cordless battery-powered option provides the equivalent cutting performance of a 42 cc firewood chainsaw.

Enjoy the improved cutting speed and motor power with the TRU Brushless Motor technology that delivers 2x the torque. Additionally, the brushless motor operates quietly, provides a long run time, and extends the life of the motor.

Effortlessly tackle trees, branches, firewood, and logs with the powerful 80V battery that lasts longer than traditional chainsaw batteries. The chainsaw comes with a battery and a rapid fast charger, giving you more than 150 cuts on a single charge. An extra battery can also be purchased for an even longer runtime.

Technical Features:

  • Horsepower: Delivering a robust 3.5 hp.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 2.05 pounds.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measuring 18"L x 7"W x 10"H.
  • Efficient Cutting: Equipped with an 18-inch chain for effortless cutting.
  • TRU Brushless Motor Technology: Ensuring more torque and motor power.
  • Long Run Time: With the powerful 80V battery provides a longer runtime.


  • 18-inch Chain Length.
  • TRU Brushless Motor Technology for 2x Torque.
  • 80V Battery with Long-lasting Performance.
  • Rapid Fast Charger Included.
  • Equivalent Cutting Performance to a 42 cc Firewood Chainsaw.
  • Cordless and Lightweight for Easy Use.
  • Quiet Operation with No Noise or Fumes.
  • More than 150 Cuts on a Single Charge.
  • Quiet Operation: The brushless motor operates quietly for a more pleasant experience.


  • Not as powerful as some other options.

Versatile And Easy To Use: BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Electric Chainsaw


Discover the cost-effective solution to your woodcutting needs with the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 corded electric chainsaw. Say goodbye to expensive battery-powered options and their limited run time, and enjoy unlimited cutting power with a corded chainsaw.

Ease of use is a top priority, with a lightweight design that's easy to maneuver, even for beginners. The optimal motor performance and unlimited run time allow for quick and effortless cuts.

Maintenance is made simple with tool-free chain tensioning and an automatic oiling system, reducing downtime and ensuring a smooth woodcutting experience.

While the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 may not offer the built-in self-sharpening technology of the top-ranked Oregon CS1500, it remains a solid choice for a high-quality and affordable corded electric chainsaw.

Technical Features: 

  • Effortless Cutting: Corded Electric power source with 550 Watts of horsepower.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 12.5 pounds, it's easy to maneuver and handle.
  • Large Dimensions: Measuring 20.69"L x 13.19"W x 10.81"H, this chainsaw is built for big jobs.
  • Ideal Length: 18-inch chain is perfect for a range of cutting tasks, from light pruning to heavy-duty tree cutting.
  • Strong Performance: Equipped with a powerful 15 Amp motor for optimal performance and unlimited run time.
  • Low Maintenance: Features tool-free chain tensioning and an automatic oiling system for reduced downtime.


  • Cost-effective alternative to battery-powered chainsaws with unlimited cutting power.
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability, even for beginners.
  • Optimal motor performance and unlimited run time for quick and effortless cuts.
  • Low maintenance with tool-free chain tensioning and automatic oiling system.
  • Strong performance with a powerful 15 Amp motor.
  • Ideal length (18 inches) for a range of cutting tasks.


  • Does not have built-in self-sharpening technology like the top-ranked Oregon CS1500.

Highly Efficient: EGO Power+ CS1804 18-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Chain Saw


If you're looking for an affordable alternative to Greenworks Pro, the Ego 18” Cordless Chainsaw might be the perfect solution. Although it may not have the same brand recognition, this chainsaw offers comparable performance at a lower price point.

One of the standout features of the Ego 18” chainsaw is its low maintenance. With its automatic chain tensioning, you'll never have to worry about adjusting the chain manually. The chainsaw also boasts a high cutting speed of 11,000 RPM, enabling you to complete your cutting tasks quickly and efficiently.

Another benefit of the Ego 18” cordless chainsaw is its built-in headlights, providing illumination in darker areas and allowing you to work comfortably even after the sun goes down.

Please note, however, that the chainsaw does not come with a battery or charger, which must be purchased separately. Despite this, the Ego 18” cordless chainsaw remains a great option for those seeking a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for their cutting needs.

Technical Features: 

  • Cordless Convenience: Powered by a rechargeable battery, this chainsaw provides the freedom to move around without being restricted by cords and outlets.
  • Powerful Performance: With 550 Watts of horsepower, the Ego 18” cordless chainsaw delivers the strength and speed you need for your cutting tasks.
  • Compact Design: Measuring 34"L x 9.9"W x 9.5"H, this chainsaw is designed to be compact and lightweight for easy maneuvering.
  • Ideal Length: The 18-inch chain is the perfect size for a range of cutting tasks, from light pruning to heavy-duty tree cutting.


  • Speedy Cuts: The 11,000 RPMs of the Ego 18” cordless chainsaw enable you to make fast and efficient cuts.
  • Illumination: Built-in LED headlights provide added visibility in low-light conditions, so you can work comfortably in the evening or at night.
  • Easy Operation


  • Battery and charger are not included with the chainsaw.

Professional Pick: Kobalt 80-volt (Li-ion) 18-in Cordless Electric Chainsaw


The KOBALT 80V chainsaw offers exceptional heavy-duty performance and is ideal for storm cleanup. Unlike the previous two picks, this chainsaw is powered by a battery, making it a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

The low kickback bar and chain design not only enhance control but also reduce kickback force and frequency for added safety. The inertia-activated instant chain brake provides an added layer of security, quickly bringing the chain to a stop in case of any accidental slips.

In addition, the quick adjustable chain tensioning system allows you to easily adjust the tension during operation, reducing downtime and maximizing efficiency. The auto-lubrication mechanism ensures the bar and chain are always lubricated for smooth operation. 

The battery and rapid charger are included with the tool for added convenience. Although this powerful battery-powered chainsaw is not recommended for beginners, due to its weight.

Technical Features: 

  • Power Source: Corded Electric.
  • Horsepower: 3.5 hp.
  • Chain Length: 18 inches.
  • Voltage: 80.00 volts.


  • Power Source: Battery-powered, ideal for storm cleanup and tough cutting tasks.
  • Low Kickback Design: Reduce kickback force and frequency with a low kickback bar and chain.
  • Safety First: Inertia-activated instant chain brake for added safety and control.
  • Quick Chain Tensioning: Adjust chain tension quickly during operation for minimal downtime.
  • Auto-Lubrication: Bar and chain are kept lubricated at all times for seamless operation.
  • Convenient Charging: Comes with a powerful battery and rapid charger for added convenience.


  • Not for Beginners: Despite its impressive power, the battery-powered chainsaw is a bit heavy, making it better suited for experienced users.

For An Extra Tight Budget: Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw


For budget-conscious consumers who need a chainsaw for DIY projects or occasional wood cutting, the Sun Joe SWJ701E is a cost-effective solution. This electric chainsaw delivers high-quality cutting performance thanks to its 14 amp motor and Oregon bar and chain.

Despite its low price point, the SWJ701E does not skimp on performance. Its 18-inch bar and chain, combined with a lightweight 9.7-pound body, allow for easy control and maneuvering. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip and the instant chain brake ensures safety during operation.

While the Sun Joe SWJ701E may not have the same power as other corded electric chainsaws, it is more than enough for small to medium-sized projects.

However, some users have reported dissatisfaction with Sun Joe's customer support. If reliable customer service is important to you, it may be worth considering a different brand. Overall, the Sun Joe SWJ701E offers unbeatable value for its price.

Technical Features:

  • Power Source: Corded Electric.
  • Item Weight: 9.7 Pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 34.5"L x 7.8"W x 10.3"H.
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches.
  • Motor: 14-amp.
  • Bar and Chain: Self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain.


  • Cost-effective solution for budget-conscious consumers.
  • High-quality cutting performance with 14-amp motor and Oregon bar and chain.
  • Lightweight body and 18-inch bar and chain for easy control and maneuvering.
  • Comfortable grip with ergonomic handle.
  • Safety is ensured with an instant chain brake.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized projects.


  • May not have the same power as other corded electric chainsaws.
  • Reports of dissatisfaction with Sun Joe's customer support.

Budget Pick: Oregon CS1500 18-inch 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Chainsaw


Unlock the power and ease of cutting with the world's No.1 chainsaw brand - Oregon and its CS1500 corded electric chainsaw. Experience the unbeatable cutting performance of a gas chainsaw at a fraction of its cost.

With the simple push of a button, start up the electric chainsaw with ease, without the noise and fumes of a gas chainsaw. Enjoy low-maintenance with features such as easy chain tensioning without tools and automatic lubrication.

Revolutionize your cutting experience with the innovative PowerSharp self-sharpening technology, allowing you to sharpen your chainsaw instantly in just 3 to 5 seconds. The CS1500 comes fully assembled and is ready to use right out of the box, backed by a reliable 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Please note, the corded electric chainsaw requires a power outlet to operate and may not be preferred by professionals who typically choose gas or battery-powered chainsaws.

Technical Features: 

  • Safety First: Equipped with a Chain Brake for extra safety during use.
  • Reliable Quality: UL Certified for top-notch safety and performance standards.
  • Long-Lasting Support: Comes with a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Power Source: Corded Electric with a powerful 2400 horsepower.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing in at only 12.6 pounds, it's easy to maneuver and handle.
  • Large Dimensions: Measuring 37.5"L x 18"W x 10.5"H, this chainsaw is built for big jobs.
  • Ideal Length: 18-inch chain is perfect for a range of cutting tasks, from light pruning to heavy-duty tree cutting.


  • Easy to start with the push of a button, without noise and fumes.
  • Low maintenance with easy chain tensioning and automatic lubrication.
  • Innovative PowerSharp self-sharpening technology allows for instant sharpening.
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Equipped with a chain brake for extra safety during use.
  • UL Certified for top-notch safety and performance standards.
  • Lightweight design at 12.6 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and handle.
  • Large dimensions of 37.5"L x 18"W x 10.5"H for big cutting jobs.
  • The 18-inch chain is ideal for a range of cutting tasks, from light pruning to heavy-duty tree cutting.


  • Requires a power outlet to operate.
  • May not be preferred by professionals who choose gas or battery-powered chainsaws.

Best 18 Inch Chainsaw: Our Conclusions

In conclusion, choosing the best 18-inch chainsaw requires considering several factors. The first and foremost factor is the type of power source, whether it's a battery-powered or corded electric chainsaw. 

The power of the motor, the weight of the tool, the safety features, and the customer support of the brand should also be taken into account. It's essential to pick a chainsaw that is comfortable to use and provides high-quality cutting performance. 

A reliable brand that provides customer support is also a plus. Whether you need a chainsaw for heavy-duty performance, storm cleanup, or DIY projects, finding the right chainsaw that fits your needs will make the task much easier.

In conclusion, the best 18-inch chainsaw will depend on your specific needs and requirements. If you're looking for a heavy-duty option for storm cleanup and demanding tasks, the KOBALT 80V chainsaw is a great choice. Its battery power source, quick adjustable chain tensioning system, and auto-lubrication mechanism make it a powerful and convenient tool.

For those who want a cost-effective solution, the Sun Joe SWJ701E electric chainsaw is a great option. Despite its low price, it delivers high-quality performance with its 14-amp motor and self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain. Additionally, its lightweight body and ergonomic handle make it easy to control and maneuver.

Ultimately, when choosing the best 18-inch chainsaw, it is important to consider warranty and customer support. By taking these into account, you'll be able to choose the right tool for your needs and get the job done efficiently and safely.

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