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Apple Watch sales drop after launch

07 Jul 2015 News
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Apple Watch sales drop after launch

Slice Intelligence has said that sales for the Apple Watch have dropped since launch day, going from 1.3 million units on the day of launch down to under 2,500 on July 1. The company uses a plugin called to keep track of shopping receipts, and does tallies to see ho popular some things are. According to a report by Slice, Apple sold just under 3 million Watches between April 10 and July 1. Most were the least expensive version, the Apple Watch Sport. Up until June 1, the company was selling over 40,000 wearable devices every day, but that number dropped as June wore on, going down to just over 4,947 units sold on June 30.

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Rebecca, a former police officer, is an experienced writer and editor. She has used all kinds of different tech and prefers Apple products and apps. Her areas of expertise are in all things Apple, health and fitness, the Paleo lifestyle, and legal topics.