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Most Interesting and Exciting iPhone Games You Should Download Today

28 Nov 2022 News
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Most Interesting and Exciting iPhone Games You Should Download Today

Despite the growing popularity of dedicated gaming smartphones, the newest iPhone is usually the best option for serious gamers. Since over a million games are available for download on the App Store, the iPhone is a fantastic platform for playing video games. However, it can sometimes take time to identify the top iPhone games. Unfortunately, only some games in Apple's extensive app store are worth your time or money.

Fortunately, we've done the hard work of sifting through the vast ocean of game apps to bring you a selection of the finest iPhone games. So, whether you're in the mood for a casual match-three game, an MMORPG, or a battle royale, here are some of the best games available on iOS. They'll function on an iPad (shh, don't tell anyone).

Most of these games should be compatible with any iPhone running iOS 16, including phones as old as the iPhone 8 and possibly even iOS 15. (which includes iPhones down to the venerable iPhone 6S). If you're an Apple Arcade subscriber, you might be interested in our recommendations for the finest games in Apple's catalog.

Marvel Snap

Now, Marvel Snap is just the most recent slew of mobile games the company has thrown at us. Even so, pay attention to it since it's excellent. Marvel Snap is a card combat game; battles only take a few minutes on average. 

The gameplay is easy to grasp: There are three lanes on the table, and your job is to face your opponent with cards with the highest combined strength. The player with the highest score wins. However, be wary; more than a few cards possess unique abilities that can instantly change the flow of lanes, so you'll need to time your card plays carefully. 

Among Us!

A return to our schedule for this all-time favorite. Among Us! is a top-tier hidden killer, a mafia-style game that excels on a mobile device. Get your spacecraft ready for takeoff with four to fifteen other players, but there's a catch! Some squad members are traitorous Imposters out to eliminate their teammates. 

If you're not one of the Imposters, your mission is to get your ship back in working order while uncovering the identities of the real traitors. You should keep an eye out for clues such as them entering vents, doing things they shouldn't, or simply murdering people, but bear in mind that you'll have to convince everyone else that you're not lying.

Airport Simulator: First Class

We have a slight compulsion toward plane games at the moment; however, in this case, you are providing a landing strip rather than piloting an aircraft. In the airport simulation game Airport Simulator: First Class, you play as the terminal boss. 

Get up and running, get some airlines on board with your brand-new airport, and prepare everything for passengers. There's a lot to keep track of, but management game fans will find much to enjoy. It's free to play, but there are the standard paid add-ons you should avoid if that's not your thing.

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys may look and feel familiar to fans of battle royale party games, but that in no way lessens the excitement of playing it. In Stumble Guys, you and up to 30 other players compete in various minigames to see who can stay alive till the end of the party. 

To win, you must knock your opponents off the stage and be the first to the finish line. There are a ton of exciting challenges to overcome in this game. A group of pals is ideal for this, as you can have a great time eliminating them one by one until you're the last one standing.

Cell to Singularity: Evolution

It's worth exploring the niche genre of idle games, which is unique to mobile devices. The simulation of evolution from a single cell to a sentient superintelligence begins with the most fundamental building block—an amino acid. You can either tap the screen to gain more of a given resource or leave the phone alone to let it accumulate. 

Apply the earned experience to transforming those acids into DNA, single cells, multicellular animals, and beyond. The simple pleasure of seeing the numbers grow is accompanied by the eventual access to more complex simulations, such as those of dinosaurs and galaxies. You'll need to restart your simulations to gain access to new features and make ever-larger numbers. Those unfamiliar with the genre may be perplexed by the games' widespread appeal, but devotees will find this to be pure bliss.


If you enjoy competitive card games, check out Hearthstone, the most popular and (perhaps) most fantastic digital collectible card game on smartphones. It's also one of the best casino games today that are most frequently played on online casino sites listed and rated at

This seemingly straightforward concept, however, has a lot of layers, and you can spend hours fine-tuning your decks to fit the current meta. It's free to play, with in-game cash for buying packs of cards and a rewards system for unlocking powerful cards. Be prepared to open your wallet if you want to go in headfirst, as you will be incentivized to spend money to acquire more cards quickly.

The Lord of the Rings: War

After being re-inspired by The Fellowship of the Ring, we decided to play a game in the same universe as Tolkien's works. In The Lord of the Rings: War, you play as a member of one of the many factions in Middle-earth, all located in Tolkien's familiar and cherished fantasy world.

Battle rival groups to control the One Ring, build your army, and create your magical rings. You can explore a vast portion of Middle-earth as you recruit companions and amass a massive force. Although it's free to play, in-game purchases are available for real money.

Games of Thrones: Conquest

For those who must have more of everyone's favorite pseudo-medieval series, now that House of the Dragon has returned to the spotlight, try your hand at Game of Thrones: Conquest. The format is standard for city builders, so players will feel at home as they collect resources, fortify their troops, and construct buildings. 

As the legend goes, you're given a dragon to care for, and after it's grown up, you can use it to rally the troops under your command and establish a powerful empire. You can also earn benefits by amassing hero cards and assigning them to your council.

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