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Classical 94.5 WNED FM app review: classical music for Western New York and Southern Ontario 2021



Streaming live from WNED Classical 94.5 is the latest and greatest in Classical, Opera, and more, direct to your iPhone. This classical radio app comes complete with an integrated alarm clock so that you can wake up every morning to the beautiful sound of music.

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This classical music radio app definitely delivers on all of its promises, providing a high-quality stream of great Classical music that loads almost instantaneously.

You can also play this classical music app in the background so that you can multitask while listening to your favorite compositions through the day. Let's diver deeper into all that this app offers to see if it's one of the best apps for classical music. 

WNED Classical 94.5


High-Quality Radio Streaming

If you enjoy listening to Classical music then Classical 94.5 WNED FM / Classical Music for Western New York and Southern Ontario is definitely an app you’re going to want to have a listen to.

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One thing I found particularly impressive was how quickly the stream started playing when I first started using this app.

The stream loads almost instantaneously and although I’ve had it playing during the entire time I’ve been writing this app, I haven’t heard one stutter or blip in the connection; I can only assume that the developer has created a very stable app with a great connection to WNED Classical 94.5.

High-Quality Radio Streaming image

Background Play is Supported

There is a volume control bar on the Listen screen but it doesn’t seem to be connected to my iPhone’s volume controls. This may just be a compatibility issue but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

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Besides this, all of the features seem to run very smoothly and reliably. I particularly like the Alarm Clock section which enables you to wake up to gorgeous Classical music, with the audio set at the current volume and stream.

Background play is also supported via Mobile Safari so that you can load other apps at the same time and perform other tasks while still enjoying the sounds of WNED Classical 94.5. I’d also recommend checking out the official Classical 94.5 WNED FM website to find out even more.

Background Play is Supported image

WNED Classical 94.5


Pros and Cons


  • Listen to the latest and greatest in Classical, Opera, and more
  • Wake up to the sounds of Classical music with the integrated alarm clock
  • Play audio in the background so that you can multitask with other apps
  • Visit the official Classical 94.5 WNED FM from directly within the app


  • Volume control system in the Listen section appears to be unresponsive

Final Words

Although I don’t usually listen to Classical music, I can definitely appreciate the audio quality and the great development of Classical 94.5 WNED FM / Classical Music for Western New York and Southern Ontario itself. This is a great app for any music lover so I’d definitely recommend trying it on for size.

WNED Classical 94.5

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