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Animoto Video Maker app review: create your own slide shows with custom titles and music 2021



If you're bored with sharing individual photos and and are looking to share a collection that will pack a punch, give the Animoto Video Making app a try.

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The Animoto app for making videos allows you to create a custom slide show and add your own titles. THis video maker also allows you to add music to make an impact on those special moments. Keep reading our review to see how Animoto compares to the best video making apps

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Not The Same Old Boring Collage

Animoto Video Maker allows you to create eye catching videos with your choice of music to share with your friends and family. The results are well-rendered and the audio quality is above average regardless if you choose the tracks provided or choose one from your iTunes library.

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It works very simply: just pick the photos you like. Sadly it's limited to a maximum of 12 in the free version. You can upgrade to 300 photos and ten seconds of video for $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year. Depending on how much you will actually use Animoto, this could be a real bargain or extremely pricey. 

Now that you have your photos selected, choose from one of the many animated backgrounds. Each background includes a specific border and a slightly different way to dissolve between the images.

Adding music is done by tapping just below the background selection which will pull up a list organized by music genre of various tracks you may like to use. The included library is fairly impressive but if nothing jumps out at you, feel free to select a track from your iTunes. 

Not The Same Old Boring Collage image

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Once you think you are ready to share your collage make sure you utilize the Preview option. If you find you want the pictures in another order simply tap the image and a thumbnail layout of the photos will come up.

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Simply drag the thumbnails to rearrange the order to give the look you want. You can add intro and outro text to your collage, and even tag your friends and family.

The final result Animoto provides is great! It's stylish or artsy depending on the look you are going for. I took 12 pictures of my cat, used the Ember background and added a little Craig Mack and the result was a look that would make any director of a Jay-Z video jealous.

From here you can save your collage for email or share it to Facebook through the app interface.

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Pros and Cons


  • A fun way to create and share photos
  • Wide selection of borders and backgrounds
  • Add music from the in app library or iTunes
  • Add custom intro and outro text
  • Final result is great


  • Free version only allows 12 photos and no video
  • $4.99 per month and $29.99 per year to upgrade could be a little expensive depending on how often you use it
  • Doesn't stand out from other photo or video editing apps for iPhone and iPad

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Final Thoughts

Animoto Video Maker is a really great app for creating interesting collages to share with the people in your life. It's fun and easy to use even if you only use the free version. The Pro upgrade is really something you have to decide for yourself.

The options for using up to 300 images and ten seconds of video is great, but if you are only going to use it once or twice then the price points may seem a little expensive and eliminate this as one of the must have iPhone video editing apps.

I do suggest you try Animoto Video Maker out as that is really the only way you will know whether or not the Pro version of this app is something you need.

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