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Video Fliter FX app review: create fabulous video clips



There are plenty of good video editing apps out there that will help you transform your photos into pieces of artwork by using special effects and filters but when it comes to video clips what can you do? Well you can give the Video Filter FX app a try and see what it can do for your clips. Use this app to apply filters and frames that will enhance your videos and take them to the next level.

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Video Filter FX


What to Expect

As mentioned with this app you can take your rather bland and dull videos and add filters and frames that will completely change how they look and feel. What's great is that you will be able to see live previews of the filters so you can decide whether or not you want to keep it.

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Use this app to also add layers to your videos which are a different effect all together. It's not just videos though, this app and all its cool features can be used and applied to your photos too.

Of course once you are finished with your creations you’ll want to share them with your friends and family which is possible through Twitter, Facebook, email, and Instagram. It’s all about ease of use here so you can quickly edit your videos and photos and share your results. it's one of the better Social Media sharing video editing apps for iPhone and iPad users.

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Using the App

The app provides you with over 30 filters and 10 frames which is plenty to allow you to be creative. While the app is free to download you are given limited access to features. In-app purchases of feature filter and effect packages are all priced at $0.99. Unfortunately you have to purchase each one separately rather than one package price. It would have been nice to see an “Unlock All” feature with a discount on the pricing.

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I really like that while you set up your shot you can test out the various filters so you know which one to use before starting the video or taking the picture. I do find the app rather sensitive in that if you move in the slightest it takes a few moments for the filter to reconfigure itself. The filters offered in the free version are pretty standard but still fun nonetheless.

For me the app just feels a bit basic and seems to lack a sleekness or modern feel about it. I think this is something that could easily be addressed and then result in a much stronger offering.

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Video Filter FX


Pros and Cons


  • Apply filters, overlays, and effects to videos and pictures
  • See previews of your effects before taking the shot/video
  • Share your creations by social media and email


  • You have limited access in the free version
  • The app feels a bit dated and bland
  • The filters offered in the free version aren’t very noteworthy

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Final Words

The Video Filter FX app is one that has plenty of potential it just needs a bit more polishing. It’s easy to use and it can definitely enhance your photos and videos in a simple and quick way.

Video Filter FX

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