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Abraham Lincoln Interactive Biography app review: brush up on your history



How well do you know your American history? If you think you could do with a little brushing up then then a good place to start is with the Abraham Lincoln Interactive Biography that can be enjoyed on your iPad. This is a great way to learn all there is to know about Lincoln in an engaging and fun way. This book was released last year and provides you with a selection of free information that can be enjoyed by students and those with an interest in history.

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Abraham Lincoln Interactive Biography


An Interactive Biography

Who says that learning about history has to be dull? Thanks to the technology we have available to us you can enjoy learning opportunities like this where you will get to use an interactive book that takes you through the history of Abraham Lincoln. The biography consists of 14 chapters; in the free version, three of them are free. Should you wish to purchase the rest of the chapters they are available as a single in-app purchase of $4.99. Think of it this way: $4.99 is probably a lot cheaper than you would pay for a hardcover biography and this is a lot more portable.

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In total there are more than 100 pages of information with more than 50 popup articles to explore on your own time.


The Reading Experience

This app is very different when it comes to a reading experience versus a traditional book. Yes there is plenty of written content but you will also have access to paintings, original documents, photographs that aren't often seen, and even an audio-video summary. There is nothing dull about the content or the presentation. You will be able to zoom in on the paintings, documents, and photographs so you can get an even better look at these collections. In total there are more than 250 visual elements in this app.

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Additional features include a slideshow of some of the most famous quotes by Lincoln, audio of the most famous speeches he made, and the ability to read some of the most historic documents he was involved in.

The user interface should also get a mention in this review as it is incredibly smooth, sleek, and enjoyable to use. All you have to do in order to open the articles and images is tap on them. Does it get easier than that? Despite getting a very high customer rating there are some comments about the stability of this app and issues with sound not playing.


Abraham Lincoln Interactive Biography


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Plenty of interactive elements to explore
  • Content feels engaging
  • The ability to zoom in on articles, paintings, and photographs



  • Some are experiencing problems with the sound (it isn’t playing) and issues with it crashing


Final Words

The Abraham Lincoln Interactive Biography app specifically for your iPad gives you an interactive way to learn about this historic figure in America. I really enjoy being able to get a look at some of these rare paintings and pictures that you may otherwise never experience.


Abraham Lincoln Interactive Biography

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