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INKredible app review: pen to tablet, handwriting perfection 2021



With this writing improvement app, you can make your handwriting beautiful or sketch a near-flawless drawing with either a stylus or your finger directly onto your iPad.

The best writing apps for iPhone and iPad

INKredible  is a good handwriting app with an artful learning curve. With plenty of features and functions, the creators of this application have thought ahead several steps. However, it is not an app that can be learned in a few minutes.

To get the full range of uses out of this app, you will have to put in some time and effort into learning it. Once you learn the features, you will be making full-blown creations in no time.

For more details on this app, check out our INKcredible app review and let us know if you think it's one of the best iPhone apps for writing. 




With a stylus or your finger, sign your name, jot a note, or write down a multi-page report on this app and it will make your handwriting look beautiful. A lined, blank page of paper covers the entire screen.

The best handwriting apps for the iPad

In order to pull out one of the simple tool bars, you will have to swipe on the left or right side. Otherwise, they stay hidden while you craft your masterpiece.

The free version contains only the fountain pen and eraser, but even with those two tools, your written pages will look flawless. Choose to fill in your letters, copy and duplicate a portion of your page, or just have fun perfecting your doodles. 

Scripted image

Artsy App

This app is loaded with special features that take a little getting used to. Switch from pen to zoom mode to hone in on certain portions of your work.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Magnify just a portion of your text or drawing and edit it from a separate zoom box. Circle a word or drawing for the ability to stretch it, copy it, duplicate it, or change its style. You have complete control over the color of your script, fill color, thickness of the line, wetness and more.

For $.99 per tool, you can purchase a calligraphy pen, ballpoint pen, or wet brush to use in lieu of the fountain pen that comes with the application. The dependable eraser will help you get rid of any accidental stray marks or help you touch up around lines of sketches and drawings.  

Artsy App image



Pros and Cons


  • Easy way to perfect your handwriting
  • Write pages with a stylus or finger
  • Clean piece of paper without the mess of tool bars
  • Zoom capability for close edits


  • Takes time to learn
  • There is a cost for extra pens

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

For processing handwriting and editing small sketches, this app for the iPad does the trick. It will make your chicken scratch into a beautiful new font. There are plenty of features for editing and perfecting your writing if you should so choose.

Export it for easy sharing and printing. Once you learn the gestures and tools, the app becomes second nature to use. For anyone looking for a handwriting app, this one is both enjoyable and effective. 


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